BLUE/ATB/MAMK – First Week Collections

BLUE did good business of approx. 31 Crore in first week, Thursday saw steep decline(1.5 crore approx) and also didn’t open much well today. However bigger screen space in second week will help. Morning shows in general are always less occupied on working days, so no need to worry much.

All The Best did excellent business of 23 Crore considering extremely poor opening, Thursday was much steadier (2.5 crore) and Friday opening is better compared to BLUE, second week should fare better.

MAMK falls flat with mere 9 Crore in first week, second week screenings decline to almost 15% of first week, entire run should finish under 10 – 11 Crore. FLOP.

New Releases(Fruit and Nut and Bal Ganesh 2) with limited prints saw empty houses in morning shows. However both carrying fair reports.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 23, 2009.

61 Responses to “BLUE/ATB/MAMK – First Week Collections”

  1. @yakuza
    as it was mentioned on 22/10/2009 that All The Best : With Strong WOM sustains well on Wednesday, collects approx 2.5 Crore. First 6 days Nett is just under 21.5 Crore it it has added 2.5 on it would have been 24 crore not 23 crore (post on 23/10/2009 that All The Best did excellent business of 23 Crore considering extremely poor opening, Thursday was much steadier (2.5 crore) and Friday opening is better compared to BLUE, second week should fare better), can you explain this? please

    • There are some adjustments made after getting more numbers which comes to 23 crore final tally, same is with MAMK numbers.

  2. yakuza, i think you have got some sixth sense, you are so good in prediction, (daily i visit atleast 10 sites for updating or prediction i never find anywhere like your site) by seeing the response of first week specially to mention atb inclining to upward and blue declining, can u predit and tell, how does it is going to fare entire second week for both films? thanks once again in advance

  3. and how many prints both atb and blue are screening in second week ofcourse u have already mention previously increase in almost 10%, if have number it is ok, if not no problem, thanks anyhow

    • Prints are same, but Numbers of screenings are more than first week, multiplexes who were showing 6 shows each for both are now showing 7 shows.

  4. how much does atb and blue has to collect to be called safe and how much to get hit status? (right now as you mentioned 31 cr and 23 cr respectively).

    • Hit Tag is suspicious at the moment for both, BLUE wouldn’t be termed as flop at 55 Crore, 40 Crore is for ATB. Let’s see how far both can go.

  5. Wow .. great information .. not only from article .. but also from comments .. thanks ..

  6. Plz tell me about the hype of london dreams in both overseas nd india.plz predict about the opening weekend of london dreams.

    • Promotion of London dreams has just taken a full swing, till now hype was not up to mark, but from now on it should be on another level. For predictions, check our prediction section. thanks !!

  7. hey guys .. can u plz tell me da latest WANTED collections ? does it hit 65 crores ?

    is it super hit ya blockbuster ?

    thanx guys and keep rocking ..




  9. @ yakuza,
    as mentioned in bollybusiness, after first week the difference between atb and blue is 8 cr., and as per reply to my query earlier blue will be 55 cr. and atb will 40 cr., why do u think so? if blue is 55 cr then atb should be atleast 47 cr and if atb will 40 cr then blue should 48 cr. becuase after 1st week diff is only 8 cr. (right now even atb wom is better and u have already predicted atb will lead), is it because of number of print or something else, please verify,

    • No .. 55 and 40 crores are figure to get in safe zone(get rid of flop tag) for blue and atb respectively. these are not estimates of any kind.

  10. i see, thank u very much

  11. Can u tel me what waz the total box office collection of kambakkht ishq. Also tel me it waz hit or flop?

    • Kambakht Ishq did 46 Crore NETT, It was Average at box-office. Please follow box-office segment for detailed information.

  12. Would you please tell me the total collection of sing is king, Namaste London and welcome.
    Am fan of Akki so wana know his box office collection.
    Also tel me his biggest hit of his carrier.

    • Akshay career in this decade is going to publish very soon, Right now in process mode, Please wait for few days, you will get all details.

  13. Thank-u yakuza.
    When it wil b publish inform me ok.

  14. Mamk is not a flop it is disaster.

  15. Is 31 crore of blue from indian market only or from overseas as well

  16. Blue is a worst movie dont see it.

  17. All 3 movies r bad.

  18. @yakuja-plz tell me the final verdict of it superhit or blockbuster???coz it has touched the 35cr dist. share mark…plz answer my ques..

  19. Sinu Blue iz a kind of movie which iz never ever try by the bollywood. Its unique in this industry. To mek such a high quality movie is just amazing.
    Blue iz a blockbuster 4 me…
    Sinu u jus dnt try to dominate a flim lyk Blue.
    Abin All the best iz also a gud n funny movie…

  20. Can u tel me the collection of Blue n ATB on 23rd Oct.

  21. Hey Yakuza, can you tell me the GROSS box office collection of blue for first week daywise ?

    • Please check Archive of box-office, we have published daily update. First week Gross of Blue is approx. 48 Crore.

  22. guyz i just read on Times of India dat in Blue Kat had 9 mins Salman had 11 mins in MAMK and Sanju gonna have 9 mins in Alladin.
    therfore u can’t call MAMK a Salman film. it waz nothin more dan a cameo.
    What do u guyz think?


  24. Wanted is super hit or blockbuster..?

  25. what is the friday collection of atb and blue?

  26. Please tell gross (not nett.) collection of blue for first week…?
    Give daywise gross collection if possible?

  27. Yakuza where r u?

  28. Yakuza where r u?
    Plz update and give answers to above questions?

  29. as of today i.e. 24/10/2009 how is buzz about london dreams and aladin?

  30. Hey the gross was 51 crores in first 3 days for blue…
    Then what is its gross collection in first week..? I think its not 48 crs. as u tell…
    Plz reply..

  31. Many news channel are declaring Blue as flop, so whats your take on it.

  32. what is the friday collection of atb and blue on 24/10/2009

  33. Very bad movie is blue.i think second worst movie of the year after mamk.

  34. All the best is average.

  35. My favourite actors are shahrukh,hrithik,shahid,emraan.

  36. Most disasterous movie of the year mamk.

  37. I think blue will be flop.atb -average and mamk- disaster . At boxoffice.

  38. How much blue grossed in overseas market in its first week?

  39. Binu ur name iz cute but ur comment 4 da Blue is so much ugly….
    Blue is the far more advance movie then other.

  40. mamk haz flopped badly. but blue aint doin too well now iz it.
    atb will emerge da most successful out of da lot.
    London Dreams gonna be big

  41. please dont see BLUE bakwaas movie atb average mamk flop

  42. yes blue d diaster bollywood mein kabhi aisi movie ni bi u people jst want 2 see movie of wrost ator shahrukh akshay do different ating in every movie.

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