Boxoffice Update – 10/22/2009

BLUE : Follows the normal pattern on Wednesday with stable collections(approx 2.5 crore) leading to 6 days total Nett just under 29.5 Crore.

All The Best : With Strong WOM sustains well on Wednesday, collects approx 2.5 Crore. First 6 days Nett is just under 21.5 Crore.

Main Aur Mrs. Khanna : collects approx. 9 Crore in 6 days.

Wanted : doing well with limited screens even in 5th week, 4th week Nett was 3.5 Crore approx. All set to touch 63 Crore this week. 


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 22, 2009.

22 Responses to “Boxoffice Update – 10/22/2009”

  1. thanks, that is a very good work from you, now difference between atb and blue is 8 cr, it is dicreasing day by day

  2. Thank you very much, As the days are pssing by all the best is growing stronger and stronger with the likes of things happening a good movie should win the battle, and i am sure all the best will emerge to have biggest collections in comparision to blue and once again its proved that good films will fare well. All the best to all the best.

  3. bollybusiness is very good in prediction which i have already seen in the past, i am not trying to prove anything here, just trying to bring back the prediction of atb and blue. It has gone quite opposite. it was predicted
    ATB If Accepted :
    Opening : 30 – 35 Crore
    Total : 50 – 55 Crore
    If Rejected :
    Opening : 22 – 24 crore
    Total : 30 – 32 crore
    Atb is accepted and going to settle the figure of (prediction 22-24)

    BLUE If Accepted :
    Opening : 35 – 42 crore
    Total : 65 – 75 Crore

    If Rejected :
    Opening : 20 – 25 crore
    Total : 25 – 30 crore
    blue is rejecject thats what i think it may be too early, and going to settle the figure of (prediction 35cr the figure of accepted)? u never know.

    • yeah .. Blue accepted heavily on initial days, ATB took some time for acceptance .. that’s why all this shuffles .. in case no competition, fate would have been different for both ..

      @Yakuza .. will be appreciated if comment ..

  4. akshay is just like drinks (soda, pepsi, 7up) shake and open all bubbles and it burst and then slowly calms down, excellent opening, best openning in history bla bla end result average, average, average, flop

  5. @ Yakuza

    Thank so much for the Wednesday UPDATE 🙂

  6. This is excellent piece from IBOS :


    Why Distributor Share is wrong way to rank box office
    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Would we consider rating the commercial success of the last Michael Jackson music album based firstly on the order of how much the CD delivery truckdriver made?

    That’s exactly who a distributor is in the movie business. He’s the truck driver, a middleman. The distributor is not Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan or Amitabh Bachchan or Akshay Kumar or Hrithik Roshan or Abhishek Bachchan or Aishwarya Rai, nor is he Sanjay Bhansali or Reliance or Warner Brothers or Yash Chopra creating the product. Nor is he the audience consuming the product. His/Its relevance to the movie’s ‘economy’ is strictly intermediate. Neither irrelevant, nor primary.

    In the movie album business, music CD can be the product, a company like Sony the album producer, and the buyer is the audience. But have we ever heard of music album’s success being contingent on the distributor ie (truck driver)’s share? No, and that is why the notion of using distributor share primarily to rank movies’ economic impact doesn’t make sense either. You don’t rank a movie’s success by the agent’s commission, which can depend on a number of factors, including how low or high he agrees to buy a film at.

    This is not to entirely discount distribution’s role. Of course without distributors and distribution films don’t get from producers’ studios to theaters. But if the movie release business is a supply chain, a distributor is just one node in that supply chain. Distributor share can be a way to look at films, but it is not the centrally critical criteria as far as overall box office/commercial result is concerned.

    Ultimately the box office and commercial impact measure of a movie is whether it managed to create more capital than it took to generate it. For that we have to measure the inflow-outflow at each node of the release process and if the net cash inflow is more than the net outflow, the movie is a commercial success. Otherwise, not.

    However since in India, there is not the transparency to reveal cost structures at each node, the best indication is the admissions grosses. And to create the commercial profile based on that primarily. Even there, there is a catch. Collections are revealed as net collections. When that is not what the consumer is paying or the movie generating at the actual box office. Why talk of cost of production of film in gross terms (ex. it cost 80 crores, it cost 50 crores), but box office collections in net terms? Talking in net terms excludes the impact it makes towards Government coiffers via the entertainment tax and thus on the overall economy. What the movie is generating is reflected in the gross box office not the net.

    In closing, Gross Box Office ie GBO, is the international standard in the cinema business, not nett or distributor share. And the Indian film industry should work towards transparently reporting that first and foremost across all regions and languages in its cinema business.

    • bollybusiness already tear this long article in few lines .. i am copying here his response from other post

      “This is really good article, however quite debatable, one key point is all the nodes can make profits even without releasing movie(which never means movie is HIT), its only distribution share which results in profit/loss just because of entire run of movie. So distribution share is only base node(even primary) for box-office ranking, otherwise rest of nodes can enjoy profit/loss without even release of movie.”

      quite a logical reply i think ..

      • just have deleted your comment as a reply to other’s query .. be careful for such things here. thanks !!

  7. Thanks for the update. Is it possible for you to give a comparison of collections of MAMK versus Wanted this week? Or, if you can point me to a site that can give this information, I would appreciate it.

    • If you are talking about first week comparison of both, MAMK collection is just 25% of Wanted first week, if you want MAMK first week VS Wanted 5th Week, it would be just opposite. Wanted 5th week collection would be approx 20% of MAMK first week.

      • Thanks for your response. But if MAMK first week is ~9 crore, and Wanted fifth week is ~ 3 crore as you have said in a later post, wouldn’t that mean Wanted fifth week is about 1/3 of MAMK’s first week? In any case, a poor showing for MAMK.


  9. well said Khalid bout Akshay. his films start of extremely well den fizzle out just az quick.

    well done to ATB and BLUE.
    lookin forward to London Dreams now.

  10. wanted still going g8!!! the biggest hit of the year… salman rocks.

  11. what is the budget of london dreams and aladin? and how many screen are they going to get each?

    • Reported budget : Aladin – 55 crore, London dreams – 45 Crore

      Screen space is 15 – 20% more for London Dreams than Aladin.

  12. thanks

  13. thanks, it really apppreciate yakuza, i really don’t how tell the people to visit your site, i do not have any source. i sicerely appreciate

  14. thanks, i really apppreciate yakuza, i really don’t know how to tell the people to visit your site, i do not have any source. in real sense you people are really fast in updating box office report, i sicerely appreciate

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