ALL The Best And BLUE Will Share More Screen Space Next Week

Failure of Main Aur Mrs. Khanna and No Prominent release next week will benefit both BLUE and All The Best in context that both will share more screen space in 2nd week than first one in most of multiplexes(almost 10% increase). This will  ensure not so heavy drop in collections in 2nd week even with normal average occupancy drop (50%).

BLUE has done very good business in first week, All The Best lost some amount on initial days but joined shoulders with BLUE on subsequent days, Second week collections should recover the losses incurred due to clash in first week. Let’s hope for best. 

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 22, 2009.

17 Responses to “ALL The Best And BLUE Will Share More Screen Space Next Week”

  1. This is excellent news .. i am sure now both movies will be successful and hit .. 🙂

  2. Lets suppose normal fall of 50% in 2nd week .. but due to increase in shows of about 10%, effective fall will be 40% i guess, which is excellent

  3. This will surely help the BO collections for both the films

  4. Excellent piece from IBOS :


    Why Distributor Share is wrong way to rank box office
    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Would we consider rating the commercial success of the last Michael Jackson music album based firstly on the order of how much the CD delivery truckdriver made?

    That’s exactly who a distributor is in the movie business. He’s the truck driver, a middleman. The distributor is not Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan or Amitabh Bachchan or Akshay Kumar or Hrithik Roshan or Abhishek Bachchan or Aishwarya Rai, nor is he Sanjay Bhansali or Reliance or Warner Brothers or Yash Chopra creating the product. Nor is he the audience consuming the product. His/Its relevance to the movie’s ‘economy’ is strictly intermediate. Neither irrelevant, nor primary.

    In the movie album business, music CD can be the product, a company like Sony the album producer, and the buyer is the audience. But have we ever heard of music album’s success being contingent on the distributor ie (truck driver)’s share? No, and that is why the notion of using distributor share primarily to rank movies’ economic impact doesn’t make sense either. You don’t rank a movie’s success by the agent’s commission, which can depend on a number of factors, including how low or high he agrees to buy a film at.

    This is not to entirely discount distribution’s role. Of course without distributors and distribution films don’t get from producers’ studios to theaters. But if the movie release business is a supply chain, a distributor is just one node in that supply chain. Distributor share can be a way to look at films, but it is not the centrally critical criteria as far as overall box office/commercial result is concerned.

    Ultimately the box office and commercial impact measure of a movie is whether it managed to create more capital than it took to generate it. For that we have to measure the inflow-outflow at each node of the release process and if the net cash inflow is more than the net outflow, the movie is a commercial success. Otherwise, not.

    However since in India, there is not the transparency to reveal cost structures at each node, the best indication is the admissions grosses. And to create the commercial profile based on that primarily. Even there, there is a catch. Collections are revealed as net collections. When that is not what the consumer is paying or the movie generating at the actual box office. Why talk of cost of production of film in gross terms (ex. it cost 80 crores, it cost 50 crores), but box office collections in net terms? Talking in net terms excludes the impact it makes towards Government coiffers via the entertainment tax and thus on the overall economy. What the movie is generating is reflected in the gross box office not the net.

    In closing, Gross Box Office ie GBO, is the international standard in the cinema business, not nett or distributor share. And the Indian film industry should work towards transparently reporting that first and foremost across all regions and languages in its cinema business.

    • This is really good article, however quite debatable, one key point is all the nodes can make profits even without releasing movie(which never means movie is HIT), its only distribution share which results in profit/loss just because of entire run of movie. So distribution share is only base node(even primary) for box-office ranking, otherwise rest of nodes can enjoy profit/loss without even release of movie.

  5. once again well done bollybusiness, at now your site is number one in updating box office report, i hope hit on bollybusiness will be increased day by day. but keep up your same standards

  6. as u were giving updates of atb and blue since two days as per my request, can you please tell how the response of thursday for both, ssame as tuesday and wednesday or difference?, thanks in advance

  7. can we expect another 2 cr of each from both films?

  8. i think it is really picked up starting from day one 1.75 2.25, 5 +, 5+, 2.75 + 2.5 + thursday might be 2? even thursday last day of the week collection might be higher than the 1st day collection, you can say “when going get tough, tough gets going” (rather say when starting get tough, tough gets going), i hope u all got me, hmmmm

  9. after reading ur articles n news i hav reached a conclusion that u guys r very honest n unbiassed therefore i am asking u this question.inspite of getting not a very big screen space blue has made 30 crores in its first 6 days,every where in tv media they r saying that blue has flopped big time n khiladi bana anadi and silly things like that, i want u tell me that isnt it too early to say that blue has flopped?n also wat r the factors that determine a hit or flop cuz wake up sid has made not more than 25 crores n it is being considered a success?please reply.

    • BLUE has got good opening and sustaining fair, verdict is awaiting. cost associated with “Wake Up Sid” is much lower than BLUE, WUS was small release with 450 prints while BLUE is grand release with 1000+ prints, but anyways BLUE is doing good job.

      For More information on box-office, refer our articles

      Box-office methodology
      Business of bollywood
      Life after box-office

      You will find these articles under section “Pages”.

  10. Blue will be considerd either as a flop or a below average movie, mainly because of the budget of the movie, which is speculated to be between 80 to 90 crores, now if we see the trend of blue box office business, its highly unlikely that it will make the amount of collections it made in first few days of its release and on the other hand the collections for all the best are not dropping infact the movie is getting stronger and stronger and its very likely next week all the best will win over blue in terms of week’s box office collections, so seeing at the future collections and present collections of the movie we can safely predict it wont be a hit or even a semi hit for sure, it can fare as flop, below average or at the most average like kambhakt ishq, You see the problem with Akshay Kumar’s film is they dont have content, its his presence that gives the movie a nice start other wise look at Chandani chowk to china, Kambhakt ishq, and even Tashan, except for Singh is King, I have hardly seen any superhit movie from Akshay Kumar acting as a solo actor in the movie, he might have given number of hits, see the co stars every movie has one or two atleast. Thats it

    • if u r talking abt the connection of a costar with any of akshays movie being a hit or flop than let me make it clear that,the movies u mentioned like tashan had a great starcast but since a movie requires content to sustain it dint work,same with blue there was no one in namastey london,welcome{anil n nana r character artists now},bhul bhulaiya ,hey baby[accept for u consider fardeen n riteish stars]

  11. how is the opening of atb and blue on friday?

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