Tuesday Saw a Sizable fall for BLUE and ATB.

BLUE was riding high on excellent opening so far, but Tuesday saw a big break for its smooth run with around 2.75 Crore collections[somehow this is normal drop nowdays] , 5 days total for blue is under 27 Crore. First week should finish under 33 crore.

All The Best after dramatic pick-up on Sunday and remains steady on Monday, saw a notable drop on Tuesday with marginal better collections than BLUEFive Days total NETT is just under 19 Crore. first week should finish under 25 Crore. However Looking at Excellent WOM for All The Best, it has long way to go.

— BollyBusiness   

~ by Yakuza on October 21, 2009.

21 Responses to “Tuesday Saw a Sizable fall for BLUE and ATB.”

  1. Yeah, I am witness of 40% occupancy for blue on tuesday at Indore ..

  2. in the theater at Ahmedabad near my place, blue is still going great with 70% occupancy

  3. What!!! I can’t believe it. Blue was 65%-70% full for at least 2-3 shows here in one of the theaters in Delhi. ATB was not even 40% full in the same theaters.

    • Tendency was not same everywhere and you can’t generalize one occasion .. Night shows in general always better occupied on weekdays.

  4. Have been following ur site for the last few days. Nice Work .
    Just 2 questions Is it true budget for Blue is 100 crores + and any idea what is the budget for Aladin & what r its prospects as it will clash with London Dreams

    • Thanks, BLUE is reportedly 80 Crore[please follow comments section of previous article for more details on budget].

      Aladdin and London dreams both needs extensive quality promotion for good start, Aladdin is risky project in fantasy genre, London dreams should be safe if well made.

      • Ahh .. Aladin should be good, but boxoffice wise can’t say .. well hats off to you for such an excellent work.

  5. Talk about being smart consumers, India has by far the largest number we think. Especially, when it comes to Bollywood and the choice of paisa vasool movies. So what if someone beautifully decorates or promotes something for the consumer, at the end of the day, we all make choices which suit our palate. One such example is the recent tug of war at the Box Office between the three films released on the Diwali weekend, ‘Blue’, ‘All The Best’ and ‘Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna’, out of which the third film went into oblivion as soon as it released so the competition remained between ‘Blue’ and ‘All The Best’. What happened was indeed surprising and has not happened in the past 5 years in the history of Indian cinema. ‘All The Best’, which opened weaker than ‘Blue’, shot up by Monday remarkably. It is the biggest pick up in collections for a film that has been witnessed in the last 5 years and ‘All The Best’ is currently racing ahead of ‘Blue’ in most places as the word of mouth has been so strong. While on the other hand ‘Blue’, which was widely promoted as one of the most expensive films, opened with 90 95% collections but on Monday dropped to 70%. (4 days nett collection). So far ‘Blue’ has made a net collection of Rs 24 crore over the opening holiday weekend, with a production value of upto Rs. 100 crore and ‘All The Best’ collected Rs 18 to 19 crore over the same period. ‘Blue’, which was produced and marketed on a budget which is 3 times the budget of ‘All The Best’ and released double the prints of ‘All The Best’ finally could not make much of an impression at the Box Office. Quality stands the test of time and ‘All The Best’ emerged as the winner by beating all other films hands down and reigning at the Box Office solely right now. (movietalkies.com)

  6. hats off to you sir, you publish this report early this morning, and BOI is barking on same report with minimal changes at afternoon, i bow your accurate and fast reporting.

    • Agree .. Bollybusiness has two advantages over BOI, first fast and accurate reporting, second quick answers to queries. I like this site.

  7. how is the opening of atb and blue on wednesday?

    • khalid, Wednesday morning shows were comparative to Tuesday, should do steady business, depends on how fare will be evening shows as 70% business come from here !!

  8. In all possibility All The Best will settle at 25 Crore approx 1st Week & Blue 33-35 Crore as reported by you earlier. 2nd Week should favor All The Best in a big way, just my prediction only becuase of its WOM. Hope that ATB reaches atleast Above Average Status at Box Office.Anything can happen, just see what we expected from All The Bestin terms of OPENING and what it turned out 😦 Iam really in that shock till now. How can a film like All The Best only 1.75 CRORE OPENING…SO SAD

  9. Ajay totally miscalculated by releasing ATB on the same day as Akshay’s Blue. No matter how pathetic Akahay’s recent movies have been, there is no denying that his initial pull is among the best among the current lot.

    Karan Johar was clever enough to prephone Kurbaans release date by a week, avoiding a clash with De Dana Dhan

  10. Disaster opening for mamk.ha ha

  11. Guys tell who thinks here is better at least then CC2C R KI?

  12. How much north india contributes to BLUE Nett business?

  13. what the wednesday collection of atb and blue?

  14. @ Yakuza 🙂

    please update the Wednesday report ASAP. Thank you

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