ATB – 16 Crore/BLUE – 24 Crore/MAMK – 7 Crore In 4 Days

BLUE was steady on Monday with approx 6 crore NETT Business taking its four days total to 24 crore. This is excellent trending of four days.

All The Best take its mullah from 1.75 crore opening day figure to 16 Crore in 4 days which is rare acceleration in business now days. WOM is definite excellent for All The Best taking it to safe zone now and bringing cheers back to the faces of entire unit.

MAMK could not benefit from long Diwali weekend and settles at Approx 7 crore in 4 days. Breakdown : Friday – 1.45 Crore, Saturday – 1.25 Croe, Sunday – 2.25 Crore, Monday – 1.85 Crore

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~ by Yakuza on October 20, 2009.

29 Responses to “ATB – 16 Crore/BLUE – 24 Crore/MAMK – 7 Crore In 4 Days”

  1. atb has done exceptional business, which is really rare, well done

  2. Thanks for info, Two Hits out of Three is not bad for 2009 diwali .. 🙂

  3. all the best is so borring and bakwas movie why people watch it

  4. Wonderful .. you again beat BOI by publishing way before .. BOI updates at 12:00 PM .. and you give update at 10:00 AM .. well done .. 🙂

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  6. @ yakuza

    appreciate if you could answer the following for your site followers :

    1. What is the exact budget of Blue, All the Best & MAMK?

    2. Will All The Best & Blue be able to make it HIT Status ?

    3. What price approxiamtely these both films would fetch for the TV & Home Video rights respectively ?

    4. What rate these fetched for the MUSIC ?

    5. YOUR PREDICTION now on ALL 3 ?

    🙂 Sorry I know its a lot more. But still appreciate your answers on these. All The Best to your website. I can see that it is going to touch 100,000 HITS. Why dont you make it a regular site ? Iam sure it will get more HITS & will be a HUGE SUCCESS if you make it a REGULAR WEBSITE ? PLEASE NOTE I PUT THIS SUGGETION FIRST ON PUBLIC TO THE SITE DEVELOPERS 😀



    • Thanks david for your queries, check some replies

      1. Budget is for producers financial sheets only(which in general is hypothetical), verdicts are always based on distribution price, still reported budget for Blue is 80 crore, All The Best is 45 Crore and MAMK is 20-22 Crore. Distribution price for Blue/ATB is not known at the moment, UTV itself distributing MAMK.
      2. First four days were excellent for BLUE whereas ATB gets benefit for two days only, But ATB has changed momentum dramatically with excellent WOM which is more important, Let’s see how these movies fare from now onwards. To get Hit Status BLUE should touch 70+ Crore and All The Best need at least 60 Crore[looking at dull overseas response to both].
      3. Satellite rights are time variant always, sometime even hit movie could not fetch expected price because of current scenario of ad-world. for example RAAZ(Semi-Hit) fetch lower price than U Me Aur Hum(Average), factors include were star/face value and market recession. if successful, both should fetch in range of 15 – 18 Crore for one time satellite rights.
      4. Don’t know at the moment.
      5. refer answer to Q2.

      Thanks David for wishes, Let’s see how this blog turn out from now on .. beside traffic i am more willing to start some intellectual discussions here which it lacking so far, will try to indulge more into discussions from now on, Thanks for all suggestions and time you have devoted for this stuff .. 🙂

      • Dear ADMIN,

        Thank you for your quick & prompt reply ( am i being too professional ? ) 😛

        This is what INDIAN movie FANS requires exactly from a BO reports site. This waht we can call or terms GEN NEXT or GENEX whatever site. Quick & fast. No delay, no waiting.

        Absulutely fantastic. Hats off to you & team.:)



  7. @ Yakuza

    Some more FREE suggetions to the SITE DEVELOPERS.

    1. Right now in India only ONE REGULAR website is giving uptodate Box Office report for Hindi films and that is Iam sure that you guys can make it BIG if you convert your present site to REGULAR ONE now. This is the best time for it.

    2. Your websites WOM is too good that easily you will get all your present viewers and more traffic in the new one.

    3. If you could include the regional languages Box Office as well ATLEAST MAJOR FIVE INDIA.

    HINDI Film Industry
    TAMIL Film Industry
    TELUGU Film Industry
    MALAYALAM Film Industry
    KANNADA Film Industry

    If you add this as well to your website, take my words you GUYS will be UNSTOPPABLE then.

    4. Right now you are the FASTEST in the INTERNET world for the Hindi Box Office Updating. KEEP IT UP.BOXOFFICEINDIA is okay but very LATE. Nowadays people especially the FANS have no patience to wait much.

    5. I suggest you should make POLL with your selected 5-10 names for the new website.

    I will write fewmore but later….cheers guys keep updating

    • Thanks for all these wonderful suggestions, definitely will keep in mind while upgrading this site and will not forget to acknowledge you .. :). Thanks much !!

  8. this is a wonderful site with immediate reply to queries, my question is how was todays reponse to atb and blue

    • Thanks kunal, morning shows at NCR saw heavy drop of 50%+ for both(in general weekdays have dull morning shows),Wave chain, NCR saw least drop for morning shows(40%), however both movies are going neck to neck now(on lower side) .. let’s see how strong will be evening/night shows …

    • I agree with Kunal. This site will reach great Heights if maintained BETTER or ATLEAST in the same way.

  9. i don’t know but this is my assumption, i am not expert, in case ATB is flop or get average status, it is purely due to lower opening on first two days, it lost atleast around 7-8 crores. now–a-days a movie is hit or flop will be decided in first three days (fri-sun) after that it is all tortoise running collection 1 or 1.5 cr every day. ATB being good movie is in lower side, one of the main reason being blue and atb releasing with blue. i don’t think it does matter it is atb is good film or bad, it is history being a good film and did not work (in film history boxoffice collection) due you agree with, please reply. (i am sure i am not too early to asume)

    • ATB definitely has lost a good chunk of amount due to stiff competition in form of BLUE on initial days, WOM generally do a trick, but not always compensate the loss of initial, In the past Rock On, Life partner are movies which trended excellent due to WOM but final tally was not up to mark with the biggies who fizzles out after huge opening(for eg Kambakht Ishq)

  10. thanks, shall we have to wait and watch for the final result or it is confirm at best ATB is average.

    • No Way, We definitely have to wait, ATB just got life and we need to check how far it can go before concluded verdict.

  11. @ Yakuza
    1. indeed BLUE is doing well and am gonna watch it in the nxt couple ov days but due to its high costs surly it can’t be a hit/ super hit.
    2. 1 site said dat BLUE haz made 51 crores in 4 days iz dat true?
    3. haz BLUE beaten WANTED collections of 7.25 crore (Monday).
    4. ive watched ATB, good film think it will be a hit coz u can watch it several times, how much do u think da film can make?
    5. also watched MAMK on first day, being a Salman fan i waz disappointed in da film. iz it not possible dat da film can recover?

    Btw like other people have mentioned u r doing a great job.

    • Naveed,
      1. Verdict of all movies are still awaiting, Yes, high price tags associated with BLUE Require higher revenues to recover cost.
      2. 40 Crore is gross Nett figure for BLUE, 24 Crore is NETT.
      3. No, BLUE collects approx. 6 Crore on monday.
      4. Tuesday saw drop, now even if second weekend will be strong, HIT Tag seems to be missed already for both movies.
      5. MAMK on its way to wash out.

  12. Also can u plz tell me da latest WANTED collections

  13. great work of u sir.both films are going well.

  14. this is to wish u guys well for doing such a good job on keeping us mango people updated with unbiased and factual reporting. but you must be a lil more detailed in ur breakdowns of revenue and sources of revenue for the site to be a really good biz site. also appreciate all the other features that u put up here. keep up the standards, guys. you rock.

  15. what about mamk till dte total gross.

  16. thankx Yakuza
    very happy guy from da UK

  17. hey guys ..i wanna know about WANTED ? can u plz tell me da latest WANTED collections ? does it hit 65 crores ?

    is it super hit ya blockbuster ?

    thanx guys and keep rocking ..

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