This Week From Past – Sanyasi(1975)

Release Date : 16 October 1975

Synopsis :

Ram (Manoj Kumar): In a gorgeous place stays a sanyasi – a religious minded young man who runs away from the wedding nupitals.

Aarti (Hema Malini): Today’s Menaka. Yesterday’s Menaka tried to disturb Vishwamitra’s communion with god and today’s Menaka Aarti tries to distract Ram’s mind away from his religious thoughts. She adopts many disguises and agrees to do what one least expects a noble, attractive and good girl like her to attempt.

Renuka Devi (Sulochana): Ram’s mother. Her husband ruined his life while he was still young, because of drinking and womanising. Not wanting her son to be like his father, she has kept Ram surrounded by a religious atmosphere since his childhood. The result is that Ram grows up to be different from all other young men – a true sanyasi.

Girdhari and Banwari: The robbers. They have entered Ram’s house in disguise as his uncle and cousin, posing as father and son. They have taken the place of Renuka Devi’s brother and his son who died in a train accident. Ram’s mother embraces them as her long separated brother and nephew, but does not know that these two devils are here to swindle her belongings and happiness.

Shanti Baba: A true sanyasi. Who can kill the soul that lives only to bring happiness to others? The most unforgettable screen character you will ever come across, the true sanyasi who lays down his life in order to rescue a helpless woman from the clutches of Mangal Singh.

Ishwar Baba: A fraud, a blot on the very noble trible of a saffron-clad sanyasi. He is infact evil dacoit Mangal Singh, a murderer, rapist and drunkard. But in day time he poses as a racluse and pretends to perform miracles to impress the unsuspecting devotees.

Boxoffice :

Sanyasi was Musical blockbuster and second consecutive Hit for Manoj kumar after blockbuster Roti Kapda Aur Makaan.  It collects around phenomenal 5 Crore at box-office which is not less than Ghajini collections if adjusted today. 1975 was golden year in history of bollywood box-office with 18 Hits out of which Two were All Time Hits(Sholay and Jai Santoshi Maa)One Blockbusters (Sanyasi) and Two SuperHits(Deewar and Partigya).

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 15, 2009.

7 Responses to “This Week From Past – Sanyasi(1975)”

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  2. You mentioned that there were 18 Hits in 1975. You mentioned 5 (Sholay, Jai Santoshi Maa, Sanyasi, Deewaar and Pratiggaya), what were other 13 Hits?


    • 18 were total hits .. i just mentioned top performers .. others were Rafoo chakkar, Aandhi, chupke chupke, choti si baat, julie, warrant, pratigya, kala sona, Do jasoos, Mili, Khel Khel Mein, Dharam Karam, Zameer etc were successful(hits +/-) movies

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  4. kala sona and warranr were flops

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