POLL : How You Look At Early Published Reviews?

When i recall some reviews who strangely published way before release, Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna, Om Shanti Om, A Wednesday instantly comes to my mind. First two were published on Wednesday and Last one was on Monday and all were 4 – 4.5 star reviews. I am curious to know how you take these reviews? 

~ by Yakuza on October 15, 2009.

21 Responses to “POLL : How You Look At Early Published Reviews?”

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  2. “A wednesday” was most honest attempt IMO[May be taran got payment to publish early review, but it deserves 4 stars]. can’t say about others[4.5 stars from taran for KANK was rubbish IMO, specially looking at it was not taran kind of movie].

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  4. ROK SAKO TO ROK LO=4 stars
    MPKDH= 4 stars
    HDJPK=4 stars
    SWADES= 1 star

    not only corruption, Taran isn’t a critic as much as he is a box-office watchdog! You can never quiet trust him, unlike say Joginder who has his fingers on the audiences pulse!

    • Yeah .. right !! some other craps are :

      Chup Chup Ke – 3.5 stars
      Phir Hera Pheri – 4 stars
      Karzzzz – 4 Stars
      BhootNath – 4 Stars

      Rang De Basanti – 2 stars
      Chak De India – 2 stars
      Omkara – 2 stars
      Dev D – 1.5 Stars

      Look at above two sets .. one can wonder who is mad crap ??

  5. Very Very impressive

  6. I pity on NG guys who clearly turned blind eye towards this article which is primarily focused on the authenticity on early reviews, Poor NG guys shifted focus on OSO .. and did some bad mouthing for this article .. really poor pity guys .. i know u are neither against OSO nor against BLUE .. Your last article on BLUE is evident for this … But NG guys never understood the same thing … what i feel they are jealous of your instant hit blog which is unbiased .. and they can’t stand this …

    • I dismiss this opinion !! NG has great followings .. and great guys and i always respect diverse opinions which is bound to happen .. no offense in this !!

  7. NG guys have nothing to feel jelous about this blog because its NG which have a large role to play in Popularisisng this site..

  8. Secondlu one cant generalise the opinions of one or two guys as the opinions of the entire NG…

  9. Sanjay u are right .. i oblige NG

  10. I think the reviews shouldnt be published before thursday night… and Taran reviews the films on hype… if the film is hyped and looking at a good opening it doesnt get less than 4… eg karzz

  11. Hi Yakuza,
    The info you have given on naachgaana is only partially right. Ghajini released on a wednesday evening and its review came on tuesday afternoon. OSO released on thursday evening (not on friday) and the review came on wednesday afternoon.

    So I really dont understand how you could have missed Ghajini and only mentioned OSO and KANK.

    • Anuj .. first i am wondering why this issue wbout OSO etc ? this article was about the reviews which publish 2-3 days before release to check how general viewers take these reivews ? OSO and KANK was to name a few .. even i write A wednesday .. This is rediculous to see the whole attantion was on the few examples which i have mentioned ?? In case if i would have mentioned ghajini in place of OSO then whole aamir fans would have after me .. i am not saying these reviews are biased .. i am just checking if audience is losing faith on these early reviews .. that’s why do this poll .. otherwise i could have written 4 page article on this .. all this issue of OSO is just rubbish .. and interestingly given fact that I have given 3 stars to OSO at time of release ..

  12. Yakuja- The issue crops up because you have selected the movies in such a manner. If you had selected Ghajini, KANK, Blue and asked for public opinion on this issue I am sure people would not have had an issue…. in the sense they would not see you as being anti-srk. But the problem here is that you conveniently missed Ghajini and remembered to name two SRK films. Also, you defended the logic behind not naming Ghajini, when the same logic stood as much for OSO.

    • “If you had selected Ghajini, KANK, Blue”

      Anuj, This poll is result of early published review of “BLUE” …. i am wondering where are Akshay kumar fans ? why they didn’t come up to kill me .. 🙂

      “you conveniently missed Ghajini and remembered to name two SRK films”

      What about “A Wednesday”, and again KANK was SRK movie only? and if you look at my reply to masterpraz above(which i replied way before this issue cropped in), i am doing favor of Two SRK movies there .. and digging AKshay and Amitabh movies !! Things are pretty simple …. I am not here to please fans .. If you look at the box-office tracks articles … fans of Amitabh/SRK/Aamir/Akshay/Salman have complaint or suggestions .. I always welcome right suggestions .. but completely ignore the biased ones …

  13. dont think there is any thing wrong to bark about, you are ignoring the fact that this poll is published after checking early review of blue, and there is no evidence of bolly against akshay or sanjay, and u guys forget KANK is bachchans movie too

  14. Thanks for this poll…voted.

  15. i agree with yakuza, films that need to make a killing with their opening(as they are poor on content, to sustain for long) take the paid heavily review route. another case in point is taran adarsh giving offensive crap like kambakht ishq 4 stars and justifying the u/a rating as well. he lost all credibility then. the only reviewers i follow are masand, anupama chopra and mayank shekhar.

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