Name Does Matter

Does Name Really Matters ? Shakespeare said that “what’s in the name..”, but this quote doesn’t applies on our bollywood nomenclature. Over 60% bollywood actors doesn’t use their original name, reason quoted may vary from tough pronunciation to numerological reasons, even some stars add extra letters to their name. 

Mohd.Yusuf Khan becomes Dilip Kumar, Rajiv Bhatia becomes Akshay Kumar and Ravi Kapoor becomes Jitendra.

Name change culture normally prevails in Bollywood because of reasons based on purely astrological and numerological believes of the stars; Aditya Pancholi adds extra ‘s’ in the name and becomes Aditya Panscholi in order to get most thrived success,Sunil Shetty adds extra ‘e’ and becomes Suneil Shetty for the same purpose.
It would be interesting to know the pre and post names of some of the popular stars of Bollywood for visitors having interest in Hindi Films and their actors/actresses. 


Sr. No Filmy Name  Real Name
1 Ashok Kumar  Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly
2 Kishore Kumar  Aabhas Kumar
3 Pradip Kumar SheetalDas Batvyal
4 Sunil Dutt  Balraj Dutt
5 Sanjeev Kumar  Harihar Bhai Jariwala Jethawala 
6 Jeevan O.K.Dhar
7 Shakti Kapoor  Sunil Kapoor
8 Ranjit Gopal Bedi
9 Gulzar (Lyricist) Sardar Sampuran Singh
10 Rajesh Khanna Jatin Khanna 
11 Manna Dey (Singer) Probodh Chandra Dey
12 Sanjay Khan Abbas Khan
13 Nargis Fatima Rashid Sheikh
14 Meena Kumari Mehzabeen
15 Madhubala Mumtaz Jahan
16 Manoj Kumar HariKrishna Goswami
17 Anajan (Lyricist) Gopal Pandey
18 Sahir Ludhianvi (Lyricist) Abdul Hui 
19 Jayant (Amjad Khan’s father) Zakaria Khan
20 Akshay Kumar Rajeev Hari Om Prakash Bhatia
21 Jitendra Ravi Kapoor
22 Dilip Kumar Mohd.Yusuf Khan


 And many more to list on……..

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Name Does Matter”

  1. ajay devgan, vishal devgan

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  4. Sunny Deol=Ajay Singh Deol and Bobby Deol=Vijay Singh Deol!

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