Diwali Clash – All The Best

* This article published 2 weeks ago, Now revised looking at change in release strategy[BLUE Advance Opens 2 weeks before] and promotional strategy[ MAMK Latest Promos catch viewership].


We will see three promising movies this Diwali, All The Best(Ajay Devgun/Sanjay Dutt), Blue (Akshay/Sanjay dutt) and Main aur Mrs. Khanna(Salman Khan). All these movies belongs to different genre of comedy(ATB), Adventure(BLUE) and Romance(MAMK). As far as opening is concerned there should be one movie which should cut above the rest. BLUE Is One such movie which due to its smart releasing strategy is all set to lead. Advance booking for blue opened 2 weeks in advance for few shows planned already at multiplexes, However it hardly got many fences, Advance still stands at approx. 20% bookings for fewer shows. All The Best has good overall impact till now and also comedy is genre which audience always laps up quickly. ALL THE BEST Should go Neck to Neck with BLUE.  Main aur Mrs. Khanna with latest promos ignites the bulb in minds of viewers and look like surprise winner in hand, However it will definitely be slow opener[compared to other two], But with Good WOM will make it trend better. 

I have already predicted BLUE and All The Best in one of previous article, Let me add Main aur Mrs khanna more and summarize here the prediction for all the three movies (This is Revised prediction for all three movies)




All The Best

If Accepted : 

Opening :  28 – 32 Crore
Total        : 50 – 55 Crore
If Rejected : 

Opening :  22 – 24 crore
Total        :  30 – 32 crore

* Should prove to be another golmal return of 2009. Opening will be huge, but trending will be average. 


If Accepted : 

Opening : 30 – 35 crore
Total        : 65 –  70 Crore
If Rejected : 

Opening :  20 – 25 crore
Total        :  25 – 30 crore

* This movie is all set for huge opening, Rest depends on content.


If Accepted :

Opening : 12 – 18 crore
Total : 30 – 38 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 10 – 15 crore
Total : 20 – 24 crore

* Latest promos are outstanding and find its place among viewers, Opening of this movie is bound to be slow looking at clash with other biggies, However it may trend better if accepted and can do great business in long term.


Bollywood really need solid Hits in rest of months of 2009 which is quite very bad so far, All we can say ALL THE BEST For these movies.


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 12, 2009.

21 Responses to “Diwali Clash – All The Best”

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  2. Hah hah,MAMK 1st week me Minimum 18-20 cr kamayega. This is my challenge.

  3. The Naach of 2004??? what a joke! what a crappy prediction, yes MAMK will do good due to word of mouth. But it has the ability to do more then 12-18 during the opening weekend.

  4. What? 12-18 cr. Ooooooo Guys this is salmans film. SALMAN KHAN Understand.

  5. mamk is gonna rocks .. i bet

  6. I’m going to say the biggest opener here all around is going to be BLUE-single screens or multiplex!

    ALL THE BEST has to do all it can in the first few days, I dont see the reviews being too great for this, and it may fizzle out quick like GOLMAAL RETURNS(though that got called a “Hit” in the end anyways!).

    MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA I see as being a slow burner but sleeper hit! If the story is done well and WOM is good then who knows….but then again we are talking about an age old love triangle here!

  7. Again wonderful piece …. this is perfect pre-release analysis ..

  8. I bet all those who said DBH was gonna be better than WANTED are having to eat their own words. As for those who said WANTED was going to be super flop should just go near a cliff and jump off.
    guyz if you don’t like him you know what to do.
    MAMK and LD and VEER and DABBANG and PARIS and BE POSITIVE NO ENTRY and many more are going to be all successful.
    hopefully now he is going to stop doing favors for people and focus on his films.
    he is also looking fresh again having stopped smoking, drinking and thankfully got rid of his long hair.

    btw this is going to be close. 3 biggies looking forward to it.

  9. Naveed: DBH looked like absolute shit from the start, and what I read on blogs across the net the hype was always more for WANTED.

    Agree Salman is on a roll, but lets see if he can get another hit with either MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA or LONDON DREAMS! Looking fwd to em both too….


  10. praz ur rite but i was trying to keep a smile on all those DBH fans.
    1 other thing i forget to say dat no doubt APKGK is a ranbir and kat film, with the andaz apna apna man. but believe me the collections will be even higher coz Salman is doing a very interesting cameo.
    not 1 or 2 scenes like in heroes, hello, sawariyaa.

  11. hey i think in between 3 movies there is one which llbe wash out other two.bcuz BLUE is star by the phenomenal king ,king of bollywood AKI………….AKSHAY KUMAR.so watch out guys 4 my prediction.there is one winner only king ………..singh is king singh is king.thats my challenge.

  12. lol@ perdictions……atb will b on third

  13. Me Too I will go for Blue. Common guys, that’s something NEW. Would u always like to watch those same old-type indian movies… Blue will be different. I’m damn sure it will be atleast a HIT.

  14. MAMK will surely start slow among all the 3 but if the WOM is good, its gonna trend really well. That said, I’m really excited abt watching Blue. Blue should get the best opening and if the script is any good, expect some huge fireworks at the boxoffice.. Best wishes to all the 3 movies!

  15. what a joke 12- 18 crore opening for MAMK. it will make a minimum of 18 crire in first week.
    guyz its a SALMAN film post wanted.
    lets just wait and see

  16. wht the hell are u talking about,,,u knows that who is salman khan,,,,,super king of the world,,,,,,

    • yawwwnnnnn!

    • inayatullah, please don’t use offensive and abusive words here, i respect your opinion and welcome you here with all your criticism as well, but i request you to comment without any slang. I hope you agree and will take care of this. I expect you behave within civic sense. Meanwhile i am excluding one word from your comment.

  17. WE ARE AWAITING FOR LONDON DREAMS……..About ALL THE BEST. I just love this movie. And I firmly believe Blue sink at the boxoffice. Bechara Akki was competing with SHAHRUKH. He is not equal to AJAY DEVGAN & was batteling with KING KHAN.

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