Amitabh Bachchan Career In This Decade

Amitabh bachchan career post millennium can also be looked as Career post Age 58 years, In last 10 years he has done 36 distinct movies (excluding guest appearances) out of which 16 got box-office success. Apart from box-office hits, he delivered some real top notch performances like Khakee, Black, Virudh, Last lear, Nishabd, Cheeni kum and Aks. Still at the age of 67 his hands are full of roles carrying different shades, which can only be a wild dream for any actor at 67. His upcoming projects include soon to be released Aladin, Paa, Johny Mastana. He is just unstoppable, unbeatable and with each subsequent year his energy level seem to be on higher level. Interestingly he has done maximum movies post millennium compared to any actor of kal Aaj aur kal.

Sr. No Movie Nett Gross (Approx round figures) Verdict
1 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 45 Crore Super Hit
2 Bunty aur Babli 42 Crore Super Hit
3 Veer Zaara 36 Crore Hit
4 Mohabbatein 30 Crore Hit
5 Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna 45 Crore Semi Hit
6 Baghban 28 Crore Super Hit
7 Black 26 Crore Hit
8 Khakee 27 crore Above Average
9 Sarkar 26 Crore Hit
10 Sarkar Raj 35 Crore Above Average
11 Kaante 20 Crore Semi Hit
12 Bhootnath 27 Crore Above Average
13 Aankhen 17 Crore Semi Hit
14 Waqt 22 Crore Semi Hit
15 Ek Rishtaa 14 Crore Semi Hit
16 Baabul 19 Crore Flop
17 Cheeni Kum 22 Crore Hit
18 Eklavya: The Royal Guard 19 Crore Flop
19 Deewar 13 Crore Flop
20 Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin  11 Crore FLop
21 Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo 11 Crore Disaster
22 Armaan (2003) 8 Crore Disaster
23 Boom 8 Crore Disaster
24 Family 11 Crore Disaster
25 Viruddh 10 Crore Below Average
26 Kyun Ho Gaya Na 8 Crore Disaster
27 Ek Ajnabee 9 Crore Flop
28 Aks 6 Crore Disaster
29 Dev 7 Crore Flop
30 Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag 7 Crore Disaster
31 Aitbaar (2004) 6 Crore Disaster
32 Nishabd 7 Crore Flop
33 The Last Lear 1 Crore Disaster
34 Hum Kaun Hai 50 Lacs Disaster
35 Lakshya 23 Crore Below Average
    Total Boxoffice impact 646.5 Crore
    Average Nett per movie 18.47 Crore
    Total movies Released 35
    Total Success 16
    Total Flops 19
    Total Hits +/- 13
    Success ratio 45.71%
    Hit Ratio 37.14%
    Flop Ratio 54.2%
    Performance 65.09%

Performance calculation : 

Amitabh Bachchan   Score
Total releases 35 25
Total Hits 13 9.28
Total Success 16 11.42
Revenue generated 646.5 Crore 19.39
  Total Score 65.09 %

Success ratio of 45.71% is quite impressive considering such a huge releases, if compare to other top stars of this millennium.

* List will be updated with each subsequent release. Also I have added one more parameter Performance which would be final parameter to judge performance of any actor, however this formulae is under process, will be updated soon.

* Wish him Happy Birthday and Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day on 11th October.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on October 12, 2009.

58 Responses to “Amitabh Bachchan Career In This Decade”

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    • I think some percentage should be deducted for the films in which AB played supporting actor’s role. Otherwise he is gaining unfair advantage of having blockbusters to his name in which he was playing a lesser important role.

  2. Please Include
    Jhoom barabar Jhoom
    God tussi Great Ho
    Shootout at Lokhandwala
    Darna Zaroori Hai

    • Special and guest appearances are not included. For every analysis of all actors we exclude guest appearances.

    • for eg. we exclude Hello, phir milenge, Marigold, sanwariya from salman. Luck by chance excluded from Hritik as well.

      • Salman had a full fledged role in MARIGOLD and was the leading man…not a guest appearence by any means!

        • Ahh, yes you told me earlier about this, dont know why i always consider salman in guest role for this? will update salman list with Marigold too.

      • then why include veer zaara? and was lakshya a guest role? then even KANK was a guest role…

        • List updated with Lakshya, thanks. Veer zaara was supporting role just as lakshya, so as Kabhi alvida na kahna. so will remain in list along with Lakshya.

  3. Nice one Yakuza…

  4. […] Check Rest HERE […]

  5. wow, amitabh should be in top 5 for even this decade, looking at success ratio itself. he is well ahead of salman and akshay, Aamir has done only 8 movies, while amitabh delivers 16 success. that’s incredible at this age.

  6. VZ, LAKSHYA and KANK were all supporting roles, I would consider the likes of SOAL a guest role!

  7. I think lakshya (below Average) and Shoot Out At Lokendwala (hit) should be added because his role was almost in line with his role in Veer Zara (if not longer)

  8. List updated with Lakshya.

  9. I think SOAL should still be added because at the end of the film the whole star cast was introuduced and his name was presented as the first one. Also, I think Ek Ajnabee was below Average and not flop.

    Bachchan has also gave huge hit in the bajbouri film Ganga which was released in 2006 and I think such hit should be added here too.

    • Come-on Fahad, Credit names comes in order of seniority, this is not parameter to judge the length of role.

      About bhojpuri hit Ganga, I think even its sequel gangotri was hit, but again this list include bollywood stuff only.

  10. Ok, I will accept your point of view regarding SOAL, but, what I was aiming to reach to is they dont mentioned his name under special app. role ,however, in Veer Zarha they did, and it was still counted under his hits list.

    Thanks for updating me about the sucess of Cangothri. However, it will be great if you can re evaluate Ek Ajnabee because it was made on budget of 7 crore and the movie did almost 10 crore and it has run for 7 weeks.

    • Yeah EK AJNABEE ended up making OK money!

      • Abou Ek Ajnabee, Nett collection of 9 Crore means distribution share of 5 crore approx, not successful by any means and this figure doesn’t match Amitabh standard[Agree off late some of his movies was in this range only, but in each case either product was worst[Aag] or too offbeat to accept(nishabd)].

    • Bachchan was used even in publicity of veer-zaara, “Lodi” song was first aired on release day itself and hold a lot of attention, and the impact of role essayed by bigB is much more than even some full fledge role like “Hum Kaun hain”.

      Even in past some of his guest appearance movies was successful and still remembered as bachchan movie like Andha kanoon and Giraftar, these movies never considered as bachchan in special appearance, however in casting role of these movies, he appeared as guest one.

  11. great sir,u did justice with amitabh.thank you sir.boxofficeindia is completley anti-amitabh.still amitabh is rocking with young stars.

  12. Is there is any chance to have Amitabhh’s all the previous box office lists / records of 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s (decade wise).

    • Yes !! slowly and steadily all lists will be upgrade for each decade and you will see all possible comparisons here.

  13. please sir bring amitabh previous decade wise,but remember sir if u will bring that one from boxofficeindia then i will say that will rubbish and unjustice with amitabh because boxofficeindia is anti-amitabh.i will give u example, u wrote sarkar raj is above average but they wrote much difference.and also please visit to and .please sir……..

    • shakir, all verdicts of movies are based on bolllybusiness boxofficce methodology which you can check at link from side bar.

  14. I think, Sarakr Raj is average, Baghban is just a hit not superhit, and also VeerZaara shud be considered as a guest appearance, because he was there only for 10 mins. VZ was SRK movie unlike Mohabbatein/K3G which belonged to both Bigb/SRK.

    • Baghban with exceptional trending and 300% ROI is absolute superhit, Sarakar raj is debatable ofcourse, VZ was around 20 minutes role but impact was last long(more than SRK in bhootnath which was around 45 minutes role), so beside length it is importance and echo of role which is more important. for eg you can’t exclude Damini from sunny deol hit list because it was such a solid impact that Damini always considered as sunny deol movie. same is with veer zara for which even amitabh was nominated for best supporting actor award. for same reason it can’t be excluded from list.

  15. can u also make the same list for SRK’s career

  16. Wondering how come you considered Above Average in the hit ratio for Amitabh but excluded the same for hit ratio for Salman. I think it shouldnt be included in either case.

    • Absolutely, Above average will come under success, not Hit, Will rectify this error today itself, thanks for correction.

  17. IMO comparing AB using the same criteria as the rest is bound to be flawed in itself. Cos even if Salman and Akshay do multistarrers, they are both lead actors in those multistarrers.
    On the other hand, AB’s multistarrers have him in a character roles, which are neither lead roles nor special appearances.So AB gets the benefits of SRK’s and Hritik’s hits like VZ, K3G, Kank.

    • quite agree with VZ and KANK, they were character roles, but we can’t exclude them as these were not guest roles, same process will be follow up for other stars as well. Baabul, Salaam-e-ishq for salman, K3G for Hritik as well.

      However if you have any better suggestion, i would love to consider.

      • This is just one suggestion, not sure how feasible or fair it would be – if we give different weightage to different kinds of roles – solo leads (100%), one of two leads (80%), multistarrer leads (60%), supporting role (40%), character artist (40%), extended appearance (20%), guest appearance (0).

        Here’s an example using Salman Khan for last 3 years:

        Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani = Guest Appearance (0)
        London Dreams = One of Two Leads (80%) = Flop
        MAMK = Extended Special Appearance (40%) = Flop
        Wanted = Solo Lead (100%) = Superhit
        Yuvvraaj = Multistarrer (60%) = Flop
        Heroes = Extended Special Appearance (40%) = Flop
        Hello = Guest Appearance (0)
        God Tussi Great Ho = One of Two Leads (80%) = Flop
        Saawariya = Guest Appearance (0)
        Partner = One of Two Leads (80%) = Superhit
        Salaam E Ishq = Multistarrer Lead (60%) = Flop
        Partner = One of Two Lead (80%) = Superhit

        Performance Calculation:
        Total Movie = 8
        Hits = 3, Contribution to Hits = (100 + 80 + 80)/3 = 86.7%, Hit Ratio = 3/8*86.7% = 32.5%
        Success = 3, Contribution to Success = 86.7%, Success Ratio = 32.5%
        Flops = 5, Contribution to Flops = (80 + 40 + 60 + 40 + 80)/5 = 60%, Flop Ratio = 5/8 * 60% = 37.5%

        U’ll notice the success ratio and flop ratio will not add up to 100 over here. You can base your Performance calculation based on these 3 scores + Revenue Generated

        Performance Calculation
        Number of Movies = 8, Score = 25
        Hit Ratio = 32.5, Score = 8.125
        Success Ratio = 32.5, Score = 8.125
        Flop Ratio = 37.5, Score = -9.375
        … (Other Parameters)

        Basically tried to separate between the importance of role and burden of carrying a movie. What do you think, is it possible to incorporate this or something like this?

  18. cum on………nly black was amitabh movie…….who the hell buys 200 rs ticket 2 watch amitabh….its time 4 him 2 retire gracefully….

    • what about khakee, BAGHBAAN, CHEENI KUM, virudh, BHOOTNATH, SARKAR, SARKAR RAJ, AKS. all are SOLO. dont forget his PAA is coming soon to get MONSTER opening, get a life man

  19. Amitabh is GOD of indian cinema and acting , he is priceless, one can spend thousands of money to watch his movie, he is EXCEPTIONAL and UNMATCHABLE, black marketing ends after khuda gawah

  20. well said brother, Amitabh is GODFATHER of indian cinema, you are demanding him to retire, PAA ka promo dekha hai, puri industry hil gayi hai

  21. amitabh is the shahenshah of bollywood,
    amitabh is the icon of bollywood,
    amitabh is the pillar of bollywood.

  22. What of dil jo bhi kahey? Aamm pls yakuza what are u rated to digest the verdict of movies, distributers shares ya producers profit? aghar distributers shares so how many percentage films need to bring b/4 is declaire a hit. I am sorry about my english i am still learning i hope u understand what i mean.

  23. bachchan also acted in a movie called hum kaun hain? why is it not here?

  24. This method gets very skewed…… particularly when guest appearances can make so much difference. In bachchan’s case the top 5 movies would have been big hits even without him (except mohabbatein). He hardly made any difference to the bo of the films such as Veer zaara, Bunty babli, KANK.
    Another thing is it gives a subjective freedom to include or exclude films some films. For instance, I think Bachchan had a very big role in Dil jo bhi kahey and God tussi great ho… atleast thrice as big as his role in Veer Zaara and much bigger than in KANK. While flops such as Dil jo bhi and God tussi are not included, somehow Veerzaara and KANK are in the list.

    • @anuj

      amitabh’s presence did make a difference in movies like Bunty n bubli, KANK and Veerzaara as those movies were heavily promoted by his presence in dance sequences trailors like Kajra re, Rocknroll and Lodhi songs….the producres of KANK utilized the successful father son pair of Sarkar and BuntynBubli in 2005…not even that he was also nominated for best supporting actor for all those movies….

      • kk,
        I dont agree with you that he made a difference to VZ or KANK. mohabbatein Yes. But the issue I have is larger than this. bachchan’s presence was much bigger in god tussi great ho and dil jo bhi kahey… but they are not included in the list. So this whole method seems too arbitrary for me.

        • Anuj, DJBK is error in list, Agree and will update, GTGH was very small role (just 3 tmes appearance for 5-6 minutes only, still if you feel i am wrong please correct me),

        • However, within few days each list will be updated with all movies and performance calculation will incorporate weightage for role length, so hardly matters.

  25. I just noticed something, Amitabh has played supporting role in Top 5 movies.

  26. there are many kings in bollywood but there is only one emperor who is undisputed and still rocking at 68..the ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL DON OF BOLLYWOOD…..big B!!

  27. many kings went and many will come but SHAHENSHAH will live for everytime,Amitabh alltime india best actor.

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