Rann – Remote Ko Baahar Phekh

Am posting here a 3 minute showreel of “RANN” and the soundtrack of a song called “Remote Ko Baahar Phekh” which would give an indication of the feel, the thought and the look of the film and its characters and their inter-relationships and inter-conflicts with each other.

I just hope that this video once for all will put speculations to rest, speculations such as me attempting to get back at the media for the negative reviews and the constant jabs and digs it keeps taking at me. People feel that the media just loves to hate me, which I don’t believe is true.

The truth is that the media is just interested in only one thing that is to hold its patrons interests and bitching about anyone does create both tremendous interest and pleasure to both the bitcher and the listener.

In an answer to a question on why the media so frequently bitches about me, I said it’s simply because of the frequency and the amount of turnout of work I do.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6BLxsb1drw&feature=player_embedded”%5D

Check Rest HERE

~ by Yakuza on October 11, 2009.

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