My views on RACE (Hindi, 2008)

Saw this again last night and enjoyed it a bit more on a second viewing…..I didn’t mind Saif all that much here either though Anil, Akshaye and Bipasha clearly stole this show! BTW I wonder what happened to the Abhishek-Akshaye film Abbas-Mustaan was planning…..

Abbas-Mustaan became a director duo to reckon with after two back to back thrillers which went on to create box-office gold in the form of KHILADI and BAAZIGAR. With these two films they proved they knew the genre inside out, and though their story ideas were rehashed from Hollywood, their ability to infuse Bollywood style masala and “indianise” the plot is essentially what made the movies work. For the most, the director duo kept a solid box-office record of money-spinners with films like SOLDIER, AJNABEE, HUMRAAZ and AITRAAZ with the occasional flops and disapointments like DARAAR, BAADSHAH and TARZAAN, however of late their touch was clearly missing in films like 36, CHINATOWN and more importantly NAQAAB. All eyes were set on their next release RACE which promised to mark the return of the director duo. With a blazing multi-cast, some exciting promos, and hit tunes RACE looked all set to be the first “blockbuster” of 2008…does the movie live up to expectations? In my humble view..yes…RACE delivers what it promises.

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~ by prazzero00000 on October 11, 2009.

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