My original piece on FANAA (Hindi, 2006)

The hype was without a doubt gigantic for FANAA for a number of reasons. Firstly this is Aamir Khans first film after the Blockbuster “RANG DE BASANTI”, secondly Aamir Khan Kajol are romantically paired together for the first time(they appeared together in ISHQ but not paired) and lastly Yashraj and Aamir Khan come together for the first time since “PARAMPARA”. Does”FANAA” live up to expectations? Well a “RANG DE BASANTI” it aint; but it would be stupid to compare as the two movies are poles apart. Nonetheless “FANAA” delivers the goods and its the first time since “BUNTY AUR BABLI” that I have been completely impressed with a Yashraj venture(“NIKKI N NEAL” and “SALAAM NAMASTE” were both torturous for me).

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~ by prazzero00000 on October 11, 2009.

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