सवाल आपके जवाब हमारे

Q: Why there is so much difference in figures by various trade analysts?

A: Generally trade analyst got fair figures for multiplexes and leading single screens. But problem and variation arouse from single screens at interiors. These single screens do screening of the movies based on many available options like Rental, Minimum Guarantee etc., System is not computerized in these large chain of single screens, But on the other note, data is not so less to ignore, Also it includes fair amount of discrepancies even in their financial sheets for Tax saving purpose, which is quite difficult to detect. Most of single screen data is estimated data based on methodology adopted by different trade analyst, which yields to variation in final figures.

Q: What is final verdict of Wanted? Can we safely termed it as blockbuster already?

A: Wanted is still running fairly well at single screens, Third week drop is basically due to less screening at multiplexes, but single screens show just 40% fall and looking at trending of wanted at interiors, it should touch 70 Crore figure. Verdict of wanted is still awaiting.

Q: How come Wake Up Sid Distribution share comes to 9.5 crore, despite maximum earnings from multiplexes?

A : Only Leading multiplexes chains(PVR, INOX, BIG) come in the category of  distribution share terms set this year, some small independent chain of multiplexes still screening movies on their own terms, and negotiate on distribution share of 50 – 65% depending on project.

Q: What are prospects of Main Aur Mrs khanna?

A: Latest promos of Main Aur Mrs. Khanna create quite a good buzz. But Clash with Blue and All The Best will damage some prospects at initial level, MAMK is not the type of material which can pull crowd on opening day, but with god WOM, it can do fairly well.

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~ by Yakuza on October 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “सवाल आपके जवाब हमारे”

  1. what does the title translate to bro? I dont read Hindi…

    • It means “your query, our response”

    • Praz, I am very eager to publish sholay review from 1975 magazine, but it is in Hindi, don’t know how you will read then?

      • Publish anyways 🙂 Nice piece here btw..

        • Yeah, i am preparing full documents on sholay, will publish on regular interval. You will see more sholay material here from now on. Sholay quiz is my first installment. Meanwhile i have updated more queries to quiz.. 🙂

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  4. thanks for this useful info, i was wondering about various available numbers from so many sources, KI was one example where we have as many as 7 diverse figures from different sources, now mystery resolves, thanks …

  5. there seems something very fishy about the boxoffice figures of dil bole hadippa. it seems a decent earner both overseas and in india, yet every two bit bollywood website is calling it a debacle and worse.by the way, yrf seem quite happy with the results, so what is the real story? do dig it out, will you?

  6. every site ive read say dat DBH is above avergae.
    anywayz i think people r underestimating MAMK.
    in my opinion it will be a JWM and will definitely be a hit.
    Blue and ATB look good especially the former but in the end its da content dat matters.

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