WUS 14.5 Crore first week, DKD 16 Crore, Wanted Refined Figures.

Wake Up Sid performs fine with 14.5 Crore collections in first week from multiplexes across metros and mini metros, First week distribution share is around 9.5 Crore. However it require few more steady weeks to recover high costs associated. Verdict : Awaiting

Do Knot Distrub, disturbs the whole chain of distributors due to thanda response it got after decent opening on friday, Friday was Approx 5 crore, while saturday and sunday was 3.5 and 4.75 crore respectively, weekdays saw big fall, and entire week squeezed at 16 crore only with distribution share of 11 crore[thanks for single screen share]. DKD is all set to finish its run under 23-25 crore. Verdict : Flop

Wanted, Here’s refined figures for wanted for first Two weeks after getting much more data for analysis. Previously it was sample size of 60%+, Now it is based on 80%+ sample data.

First week : 36.5 Crore

Second Week : 15.5 Crore

Third week is still based on available data of 60%[multiplexes] and approx. 20%+ from single screens, which comes to 2.5 crore from multiplexes and 5 crore  from single screens.

This leads to three weeks total of about 60 crore approx. Wanted is still rocking in single screens, however multiplexes has almost on its dead end. Verdict : Awaiting

What’s your Rashee? Collects 18.5 crore in Two weeks. Should wrap up under 21 crore in entire run. Verdict : Flop.


— Bollybusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 9, 2009.

10 Responses to “WUS 14.5 Crore first week, DKD 16 Crore, Wanted Refined Figures.”

  1. […] Check Rest HERE […]

  2. […] Check Rest HERE […]

  3. Thanks For The News !

    Go WANTED Go Salman Khan Rocks !

    i can understand blue being favorite on Diwali but don’t write MAMK off.

  5. ur refined figures for wanted show drop of 57% in week 2.. which is quite significant considering you were saying its still going strong in week 2.. so a drop of close to 50% is what would have been expected..

  6. wanted is not gona make to blockbuster. according to boxofficeindia.com,its failed in his third week.only collect 6 crore nett.make three weeks collection to 57 crore.

  7. You know it is hard to get exact figures from single screens. A lot of single screen owners don’t have proper accountant to keep track of all this. I think it will take a while before we get actual gross and net figures for Wanted. I have this feeling that the movie has done better than the figures that are being reported.

  8. i think when wanted reaches 50 days it would have com
    comfortably been declared blockbuster.
    anywayaz wat do guyz think of MAMK. will it do well.
    i think its gonna be da nxt JWM.

  9. WANTED will get to 60-62 crores..wont hit LAK’s total!

    • 65 crore is on roll !! However it hardly matters 2-3 crore here and three .. fact is sallu got solid hit on his strength.

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