BollyBusiness Predictions Result – Rate YourSelf

Now its time to check how close bollybusiness predictions are for the movies predicted one and half month back.

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1. Dil Bole Hadippa : DBH Was predicted to to finish under 25 Crore if rejected, and should finish under 40 crore if accepted, Now DBH is all set to touch 30 crore and heading for average Tag. Movie is slightly accepted by family audience.

2. Wanted : Wanted was predicted to finish under 60 Crore if accepted, and should finish under 34 crore if rejected. Also at footnote it was written it can go beyond 60 Crore if accepted like ghajini. Now wanted 3 weeks total is all set to just under 60 Crore. and still going strong, Should end up under 70 Crore. Movie at single screens is accepted like Ghajini, but at multiplexes, it is just above average.

3. Do Knot Disturb :  It was predicted to collect under 18 Crore(first week) and under 24 Crore on entire run if rejected, Now movie is rejected, first week is 16 Crore, and business is all set to wrap under 24 crore.

4. What’s Your Rashee : It was predicted to collect under 22 Crore(entire run) if rejected, Now movie is rejected and is likely to finish its run under 22 Crore exactly.

I would love to know from you guys, how these predictions have gone so far ? ITS TIME TO RATE BOLLYBUSINESS.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 9, 2009.

9 Responses to “BollyBusiness Predictions Result – Rate YourSelf”

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  2. Well done .. this is excellent results .. you are almost perfect on predictions .. commendable job.

  3. Nice one!

  4. this is an excellent prediction, i hope your prediction go right for ALL THE BEST with audiance accepting it

  5. Plz predict about blue.mamk nd all da best

  6. Good Job, Yakuza

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