Top 10 Performances of Ajay Devgan

In no particular order…though COMPANY remains my absolute !

PHOOL AUR KAANTE (1991): This is a film and a performance that will always remain a significant landmark for Ajay Devgan, as not only did he make his debut with the film, the film went on to become one of the major hits of the year. When the initial stills and promos came out for the movie people laughed and scorned at Ajay Devgan, I still remember reading articles and comments like  Ab toh koi bhi hero ban sakta hai ,  Yeh larka ek film ke baad fight master ban jayega etc. The music of the movie caught on in a huge way, and the promise of action and drama ensured a good opening, however not only that, audiences like Ajay Devgan s performance and persona despite his unconventional looks. More importantly, Ajay held his own against a veteran like Amrish Puri who was also in superlative form here. A number of their dramatic scenes in the second half were superbly executed, and this was a fabulous performance for a debut film.

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  1. TLOBS is unpareral

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