Revisiting GARDISH (Hindi, 1993)

In amongst all of Priyadarshan’s directorial efforts, GARDISH for me stands apart as one that’s easily in his top 5 best (I have yet to see KANCHIVARAM, the other four being VIRASAT, SAZAA-E-KAALAPAANI, HERA PHERI and KABHI NAA KABHI though VIRASAT claims the stake as my absolute favourite!). It was strange revisiting GARDISH after so long as I found out a lot of history about the movie since I saw it for the first time, mainly that the film itself is a remake of an earlier Malayalam film KIREEDAM with Mohanlal (which was recently remade in Tamil with the same name starring Ajith!).

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~ by prazzero00000 on October 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Revisiting GARDISH (Hindi, 1993)”

  1. Ahh, This is Jackie’s one of three pieces i liked most, other two are Hero and Kash, what i guess Jackie never got any recognition after Gardish, and also there is no hope in future too.

  2. I would add ANGAAR and PARINDA too ofcourse!

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