My original piece on TASHAN (Hindi, 2008)

TASHAN was without a shred of doubt the most hyped movie for the first half of 2008 (before SARKAR RAJ came in to the picture). The reasons were countless, be it the promise that Yashraj will deliver a DHOOM 2 type blockbuster at the box-office, the fact that Akshay Kumar, riding on a wave of 5 back-to-back blockbusters was finally teaming up with Yashraj after DIL TO PAAGAL HAI, the Akshay-Saif “jodi” reuniting after a hiatus, the “real” life pairing of Saif and Kareena on-screen for the first time, Anil Kapoor coming together with Yashraj for the first time since LAMHE, or simply the fact Kareena Kapoor was going to don a bikini…the hype was intense! After it’s release TASHAN was slammed left, right and centre by almost all of the critics, furthermore the box-office results were an absolute disaster proving to be Yashraj’s biggest flop this side of the sun. So is really TASHAN all that bad? In my humble opinion, no….hell no! Yes, the movie is “different” and what Vijay aka Victor Krishna Acharya has set out to do really only works partly as the overall product seems like a confused and compromised piece of work.

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~ by prazzero00000 on October 7, 2009.

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