Wake up Sid did well with 10 Crore, Do Knot Disturb 14 Crore over weekend

Wake Up Sid performs well over weekend with Nett collection of 10 crore over limited release of 450 prints across multiplexes. As majority of business is from multiplex distribution share is 6 crore[likely to be less]. Problem with Wake Up Sid is whooping distribution price of 35 crore which can recover only if it trends very well in subsequent weeks and should also do excellent overseas business. Release strategy of movie is not upto mark of price tag associated with movie and can be serious cause of failure.

Do Knot Disturb did decent business of 14 Crore over weekend, single screens contribute quite high leading to higher distribution share of 10 Crore, which is excellent. Distribution price of Do Knot Disturb is also 35 Crore. But compared to Wake up Sid, is likely to get higher distribution share in domestic market. In any case Do Knot Disturb will have an edge, however final commercial success is highly unlikely for both movies, as Diwali bumber clash is on corner.

Dil bole hadippa collects decent 26 crore in 17 days and should Wrap up under 30 crore in complete run. Heading for average status.

Wanted collects excellent 60 Crore in 17 days, still very strong in interiors, however multiplexes are steady on lower side.

Whats your Rashee colelcts 17 crore in 10 days, Movie drops to 70% in second week. All set to flop.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 5, 2009.

21 Responses to “Wake up Sid did well with 10 Crore, Do Knot Disturb 14 Crore over weekend”

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  2. what r u smoking boss ? WUPS need to recover just 20 crores from all revenues . its a small film and utv got it for only 20 crores from dharma

  3. oh common if u start beliving media figures u will have sik budget at 80 crores and that way . its budget is 15-16 crores and its sold to utv for 20 . plus 5 for print and publicity.

    also u said something about cdi on ng . CDI picked up from day 1 evening shows and did around 11 in weekend . it had a holiday on wednesday due to independence day and did best business on that day thus giving it 20 crores total . with WUPS its interesting . i bet its first day will be better than CDI btu saturday , sunday will be better for CDI . CDI never showed a drop in weekend but WUPS showed a drop on sunday and is having normal industry drop today ( which CDI didnt have ) . WUPS weekend is a bit less for me as i was expecting 14-15 after first day

    • “its budget is 15-16 crores and its sold to UTV for 20 . plus 5 for print and publicity.”

      You don’t believe media, fine, But how can i believe this arbitrary statement, because for above figures you don’t have even any media print. Well Bro., 35 crore is confirmed figure from UTV(Will provide you link soon), still i need to check on satellite rights etc.

      About CDI, first day was slow(agree on evening shows pickup), first day overall was 60%+. Saturday was good and Sunday was excellent. Same you can say about WUS in reverse order, but reported collections has huge difference of 2 crore over weekend(CDI Was reported 12 crore weekend). with limited print count 2 crore difference is significant.

      I am starting soon CDI BO Operation …. we will get more clarity after that.


  4. no ur wrong BB . CDI weekend was 9.50-10 crores . i remmeber it correctly now . it was weekdays particularly wednesday which made it reach 20 .

    • ok .. can you please bring any reporting from 2007 for weekdays? i have to come up for this issue with boxoffice magazine of 2007 .. what i recall is 12 crore. yeah agree on Wednesday .. it was spectacular ..

      and BTW i am Yakuza .. 🙂

  5. http://www.naachgaana.com/2007/08/14/chak-de-india-scores-a-hit-for-yashraj-films/

    here it is

    • Ahh .. thats fair enough .. if this is case with CDI than weekdays would have been held quite rock steady to reach at more than double … 20 crore. But i am more curious now to study its box-office behavior. CDI case si not closed yet !! will continue discussions ..:) .. until reach on agreement … as i still doubt on 20 crore first week.
      Thanks !!

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  7. u can do that for sure yakuza but i am very sure of figure btw 20-22 crores . actually all methods at that time was giving this figure and we ahd pretty heavy discussion on Ng . u can just check archives there .

    and it was simple spectacular on weekdays ( a trend showed similar by TZP ) and thus it did so well over entire run . WUPS on the other end wont have that great run as its showing falls

  8. Do Knot Disturb is only 11 crore weekend. Whole week be about 15 cr.

  9. If DKD had a 4.5-5 c friday… how can it touch 14? surely it dropped on sat when even WAK (praised everywhere) could not sustain.
    How accurate is ur 7 cr weekend figure for Wanted? If true Wanted can do a 12 crore third week which is amazing for an adult film not having multiplex patronage.

  10. am just happy bout WANTED. how much money do u think da film will end up making

  11. Question for you. How do you calculate your numbers. DO you get numbers directly from distributers?? How come there is so much difference between ibos / BOI and your site

  12. completley disappointed from ibosnetwork and boxofficeindia sites because i saw they wrote very low business for wanted.and wanted is great film and u said wanted did 60 crore.its big amount.it will be superhit film.both sites are anti-salman.they are the fan of shahrukh.i don’t like this,its not justice.sir

  13. BOI is a fair site. But ibosnetwork is bloody biased. It says 30 crore 1st week for wanted and is downplaying its success in every article of theirs

  14. i think wanted will hit the 90 crore mark by the time it finishes.
    that is a genuine guess.
    what do u guys think?

  15. @ naveed.. 90 is too ambitious.. close to 70 it should finish..

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