ROCK ON !! Sheer Magic

If i try to remember, i hardly recall many movies which introduce new era music. Do you remember any movie based on Music? Last movie whose title suggests it to be based on Music was “Taal” , But it was a love story which pretend to be music based ,there was hardly any introduction to new tunes,  Long back in 1980’s “Disco dancer” make the Audience Nostalgic by introducing DISCO music to Indian Audience , Now history repeats itself with “Rock on” introducing Rock Music to its viewer. Disco dancer was only true Musical and music based movie(with backdrop of revenge) i have seen ,And Now its second “Rock on“(with backdrop of relationships) , Guys put your hands together for an ultimate nostalgic experience which you must have not seen on Screen since long long time.

Its sheer “Magic” !!!

Story revolves around Four friends having their own Rock band “MAGIC” which yet to be established, Their hard work leads them to have a contract of video Album , But circumstances not only breach the contract but also separate their paths. Life goes on!! and after 10 years all of them Living different set of lives, absolutely charm was missing. Well their destiny again realizes them their forgotten dreams and again they start struggling for same , but this time struggle was more hard , for some, decisions were more tough and for some, time was short. But nothing seem to be obstacle this time on their way to musical journey and Guys simply “Rocks“!!

The characters are well established and fleshed out & everyone gets their meat in the screenplay. Performance wise Frahan akhtar as a debutant Simply rocked. Though Farhan is the producer of the film he never tries to steal the show from anyone else. What works as a screenplay is that, right from the beginning it makes you love the characters of the film & you get involved in the process of their journey of living their dream. Farhan acts as if he is a born Rockstar. He is very comfortable in the skin of the character. Arjun delivers one of the best performances of his career. Purab gets the best scenes in the film. His character is the most lovable of the lot. Luke delivers a much understated performance. Shahana Goswami as Debbie is the find of the film.Prachi Desai does a smooth transition from the small screen to the big screen but hers is the most underdeveloped role in the film.However her smile shines and dealing with tough situation of life and support to her husband make her character Lovable. Kudos!!

Cinematography is truly International. Editing plays most important role in this movie as screenplay transit between past and present. Deepa bhatia Done it in beautiful way.For a film like this it is very important how the music is & Shankar Ehsaan Loy create Magic with their music, each & every song is a treat to the ears. There is a slide at the end of the film which says “don’t download the music, buy the cd”. True words I say. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics compliment the music superbly; it brings out the rock star poet in him. Truly, age is just in the mind.

For choreography , The biggest compliment is “Movie doesn’t Look choreographed“.

I would say if you fall in any of these categories

* You have dreams and you love chasing dreams.

* You are Music Lover and love innovation.

* You want to learn relationship complexities.

* You love Stardom, adventure, Youthful energy.

Then Go for this one as it inspires to live your dream to the fullest. A Rocking movie.

My Rating :    4.5/5

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on October 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “ROCK ON !! Sheer Magic”

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  2. Stunning review here dude…agree on everything you’ve said! I thought Farhan was fantastic, and this is Arjun Rampal’s careerbest!

    SEL’s music was smashing too!

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