My review of J.P Dutta’s GHULAMI (Hindi, 1985)

J.P Dutta’s debut film GHULAMI remains his most powerful film to date, and undeniably his finest film as well. Watching GHULAMI again after 10 years proves to be an enlightening experience as the movie has aged superbly with time, and plays very much like the epic it was intended to be. 

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— Master Praz


~ by prazzero00000 on October 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “My review of J.P Dutta’s GHULAMI (Hindi, 1985)”

  1. Extraordinary review, have not checked this flick yet, but after reading this i am curious to have a look, In fact i never took serious look towards dutta as border and refugee are only flicks i have checked so far, and was assuming J. P. dutta as another Vidhu vinod chopra(whose parinda and kareeb are only exceptions i guess) who tried too hard but failed at final chord, I am wondering myself, how dare i missed these popular epics … GHULAMI, YATEEM (1988) , HATHYAAR (1989), BATWARA (1989), BORDER .. all have one factor in common .. DEOL POWER .. BTW is there any underproduction from dutta as well?

  2. Yeah, there was UMRAO JAAN as well (his last film with Abhishek and Ashwariya)!Nothing under-production as far as I know.

    On Dutta, I’d say he’s easily better than VVC as a director. IF Dutta directed EKLAVYA it would’ve been something else ;)!!!

    • Boxoffice record of dutta is quite pity itself, except border and ghulami, nothing worked, Umrao jaan was monumental disaster, J.P. Dutta, V.V. Chopra and R.K. Santoshi have one common factor, their boxoffice tracks. Solid products, but poor boxoffice outcome. if you notice all three have only two outright hits. JP Dutta (Ghulami, Border), VVC(Parinda, Mission kashmir), Raj Kumar santoshi(Ghayal, ghatak).

      Praz , there is one post from me at your blog pending for approval.

  3. GHULAMI wasn’t a huge hit as far as I know. But yeah it’s sad films like HATHYAAR didnt work as well as they should have.

    Have approved all’re comment shouldn’t go in to pending.

    Santoshi does have a sound hit in PUKAAR as well as KHAKEE to some extent.

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