Wanted 47 Crores in 11 Days

What’s Your Rashee collects 10 Crore over 4 days extended Weekend; Business is quite OK Considering moderate budget and release.

Wanted collects phenomenal 47 Crore in 11 days, It has created record at many single screens across country, According to Ajay Garg, Manager of Vijay Talkies, Ambala “Revenue generated by Wanted in 11 days is equal to our last quarter revenue”, Wanted brings new life and hope for single screen cinemas which was about to shut down.

Dil Bole Hadippa collects 22 crore in 11 days.  It Drops to around 65%+ in second weekend.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 29, 2009.

31 Responses to “Wanted 47 Crores in 11 Days”

  1. salman rocks wanted is the first blockbuster of 2009 for sure

  2. No doubt WANTED IS BLOCKBUSTER.Rocking performence of SALMAN nd Gr8 team work.

  3. hey but box office india says wanted has collected 45.5 crores till monday!!! i would like to know which is the actual figure!!! can anyone tell me the reason for this difference in figures? n would like to know the overseas box office collection of wanted too… Thanx!!!

    • 1-2 crore of diffrence hardly matters, No one has actual figures, all are estimated, however what i think BollyBusiness will give more precise numbers with all centers on this weekend for first week, this is what BB told me yesterday.

  4. what the total collection in india and overseas collectiov WANTED.

  5. Salman Rocks First Blockbuster of corse

  6. I don’t know about you but it seems low. I mean you said it did 38 crore net last week, which means if you add 10-11 crore net for the weekend and monday it did between 48-49 crore.

  7. I am slightly dissapointed by this. I was hoping that 2nd week would be between 18-20 crore net. Ah well. Hopefully third week is good and it doesn’t drop too much. I want this to crack 65 crore net and 100+ crore GROSS.

  8. The media in india cheats the results and the realy numbers of box office. thier movie Wanted look likes movie hindi in 1980 stupied story and very very old action comparison the action of holywood. so how the movie Wanted have a huge sucess, maybe sucess only in india. Hey gys with the sucess of wanted say goodbye bolywood.

    • yep I agree…Wanted is a throwback to the Bollywood that people in the West made fun of and look down on…Ghajini and Wanted can undo all the good that YRF and Dharma have done over the last 15 years…lets not ruin Bollywoods reputation we need more Blacks etc and less Wanteds…

      • I disagree.What has dharma production done yet.both has got cliched melodrama movies.Wanted had a raw feeling

      • wanted rocks…….this is to anti fans of salman- ”if u don like him don watch his movies n don comment wastin ur time here…….n btw his success doesnt stand on ur comments..so mind ur business……”

    • and goodbye to u

    • Get the hell out of here nassrine, what the hell u know about bollywood films? u stupid! Bolly films are specially made for Indian audiences and secondarily for other nationalities and if it is successful in India then it is called hit, superhit or blockbuster but if it flops in India and became hit in abroad even though it will be called flop like ‘Dil Se…” it was hit in USA bur was flopped badly in India that’s why Dil se recognized as a flop film! So Indian films are concerned about how the film does business in India! do u understand, u idiot! Don’t dare to say bolly films are stupid, the world know hollywood films are full of fake action, drama and nudity nothing else, and u call those films are better, huh? Bolly films are made for we Indians and we are decent people unlike naked western or hollywood people! WANTED is the only blockbuster movie of 2009 and public loved it, that’s all! Do u know that in India (Janta maai-baap) public is called parents! so if the public decided it as a mega blockbuster movie then it is, who the hell are u to decline? Now u go to hell!

  9. its not first blockbuster of salman
    salman gives very very block buster i.e hum aap ka hain koun
    hum sath sath hai sajan and many more

  10. srgay kay fan jaltay kio hain srgay ki bay ki phuddi or unn fan ki b bay ki phuddi salo kuttay ki olad

  11. i also like wantwd. it is a great blocbuster moove

  12. realy wanted is very good movie

  13. salman khan is a no.1 actor in the bollywood.wanted is a very goood blocbuster movie.

  14. salman was at his deadliest best in wanted!!!!undoubtedly his best ever performance!!!! proved once again why his name is taken in the same breath with the other two khans(shahrukh,aamir)…. he’s the true supartar of indian cinema…even with a pretty ordinary storyline wanted has become a box office success simply because of his sheer acting skills…. ( a very few actors in this era can match salman’s screen presence) wanted is a gr8 response to all those critics who had doubt abt his acting prowess… surely wanted has made them eat up their own words~!!!! God bless salman….

  15. wanted was a superb film. i enjoyed it to the max. my friends who are not even Salman fans loved the film and performance. how the hell can you write him off he has given so many hits and is definitely alongside Amir and SRK.
    other stars are nowhere near these three excluding Amitabh obviously.
    guyz if you don’t like Salman then what on earth are you doing reading info based on him and making the effort of posting comments.

  16. wanted rocks…….this is to anti fans of salman- ”if u don like him don watch his movies n don comment wastin ur time here…….n btw his success doesnt stand on ur comments..so mind ur business……

  17. wanted rocks…….this is to anti fans of salman- “if u don like him don watch his movies n don comment wastin ur time here…….n btw his success doesnt stand on ur comments..so mind ur business……”

  18. some of poeple are jealous from Wanted Success lol
    what a joke….die..
    Wanted is super duper hit…

    masha allah

  19. I bet all those who said DBH was gonna be better than WANTED are having to eat their own words. As for those who said WANTED was going to be super flop should just go near a cliff and jump off.
    guyz if you don’t like him you know what to do.
    MAMK and LD and VEER and DABBANG and PARIS and BE POSITIVE NO ENTRY and many more are going to be all successful.
    hopefully now he is going to stop doing favors for people and focus on his films.
    he is also looking fresh again having stopped smoking, drinking and thankfully got rid of his long hair.

  20. Salman has made comebacks before time and time again..you can never ride him off! The kinda popularity he has reminds me of Dutt..regardless of Boxoffice flops, Sallu wont fade away!

  21. wanted will touch the 65 crore barrier by the end of the 5th week now that makes wanted a blockbuster by the end of the second week it should reach 53 crores net great going salman

  22. According to this site http://www.ibosnetwork.com/ wanted has done average business… they ‘ve termed kaminey a hit and love ajkal a supehit movie n ‘ve placed wanted below these two movies in terms of box office collection… i thought wanted was the first blockbuster of the year..(even though wanted has done only 2 weeks business) many other sites like box office india has termed it a blockbuster. I was eagerly waiting for wanted’s box office success and after watching salman’s performance in the movie i was pretty sure wanted was all set to break the records of films like love agkal and kaminey but it seems there are ppl who ‘re not ready to acknowledge wanted’s success at the box office and ‘re giving misleading box office reports.

  23. yaar let me know the exact figures of wanted box office collection to till date 6th oct 2009

  24. salman khan is a my good friend. iknow he is good actor. i like him.insh allha i pray for him always why u know i am only one liked in bollywood acter that is salman khan.bye t.k salman bhai


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