Revisit : Sarkar Raj – Rule Hearts

Sarkar raj – Review
Political Dramas are not new to Bollywood , indeed rare, Some of which i remember are Inquelaab, Leader, Satta etc., All bombed. However Satta Was great in content and performance, Not even single Politics based movie succeed. But this is also true that Bollywood has not yet produce any true political Drama, This is most Untauted, Untold and unexplored subject in Bollywood.         

Sarkar raj is movie which takes bollywood to one step ahead in terms of Screenplay, Technology and content. This movie is based on Political conspiracy on the backdrop of most powerful family of.
Mumbai based Subhash nagre Aka “Sarkar”, His legacy is now overtaken by His son Shankar, However supreme power is still Subhash. Shankar don the responsibility to establish the power plant project  proposed by Anita, CEO of an international company, in mumbai as his honest intentions to benefit the empire. However he faced many obstacles Like protests by localoids, still his strong commitment to this task pave the way to eliminate the difficulties he was facing to make it success.In his struggle he lost his wife and later on an incident shook the whole subhash family.In the climax, Movie took a sharp turn and conspiracy reveals which make audience jump on their seat.          

The movie marks the stamp of genius in every frame by Ram gopal verma, After some debacles specially Aag, RGV made great comeback, there were many uphill tasks for RGV to accomplish, First Sarkar raj need to be as par standards as its prequel Sarkar, as sequels are not dicey task, expectations Level has already been set and comparisons are bound to make. Second RGV needs to redeem himself after failure of Nishabd and Aag, SO GUYS A big applause to RGV, Congrats to Ramu for getting the monkey off his back and salvaging his career!

Now come to performances, The main protagonists are Subhash nagre(Amitabh), Shankar(Abhishek), SOmJi(Rajesh), Rao saheb(Dilip prabhawalker) and Anita(Aishwarya). Amitabh Excels in his role as expected, He shows the shadow of his angry Youngman image in culminative parts of movie with utter excellence. Just when you thought off that amitabh has thrown off his aces this time, he jump you on your seat in next venture with another ace. He delivers a performance which simply stands out!! Abhishek is honest to deliver what script demands, and it actually rewards him back the one of well crafted role of his career. Rajesh Shringapure (Sanjay Somji) impresses in his fiery approach, mobilizing support against the Power Plant.  Dilip prabhawalker as rao saab is real ace of movie i think, he absolutely fits for the role and my biggest compliment for him is that i don’t find any alternative for this role. Aishwarya excels as cooperate woman and shows her skills in culminative parts of movie.

Dialogues are solid punch in this movie. Impact of dialogues is so much loud and lasting that one wishes to retain the echo forever.

The movie has a tight script that keeps you intrigued throughout, especially the second half. However first half helps to introduce and builds the characters but truly, the second half is what lifts the film to great lengths. It is here where the film gets really intense and raw. The best part of the script may be the surprises incorporated in the second half, not to mention the climax, which is as intense as it gets! The second half, particularly the climax, does not miss a beat and keeps you enthralled throughout. It will grab you and hit you real hard.

Songs are beautifully incorporated. Movie has Two songs in backdrop, Jalwa re jalwa and jhini jhini, both are used to move the story ahead and doesn’t look forced. Music by bapi and tutul tunes fine with mood of movie. But one can’t ignore and sideline is the background music, Govinda govinda track which make waves in its prequel too, excels in this movie also. one of the finest beats and tunes used as background score in any bollywood movie.

Is there any Glitches? Oh yes, but minor one, Abhishek character lacks the heroism is the only flaw. But one can forget once involved in solid script and screenplay ever seen on silver celluloid.

Final words: Please don’t commit the movie crime by missing this one out. Must see. Ramu we want Sarkar 3rd part.

Rating : 4/5

~ by Yakuza on September 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “Revisit : Sarkar Raj – Rule Hearts”

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  2. Great review here! I liked SARKAR RAJ a lot, and would rank it better than the first!

    The movie played out like a beautiful whodunnit between two ageing magicians. Abhishek I thought was pitch perfect with a silent and simmering performance!

    • I saw sarkar at DVD, And Sarkar raj at plex, I have same feeling about sarkar raj as superior product, but when i discuss with those who have seen sarkar in Plex, and sarkar raj at DVD, they have reverse opinion, I think sarkar series can only better experienced at good quality multiplex.

  3. I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site.

  4. great review of sarkar raj.its great film and i like the amitabh style.superb film.


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