No Takers for What’s Your Rashee? Wanted Super Strong 2nd Week Opening.

What’s Your Rashee? :


As predicted it failed to make any impact at boxoffice. Friday was in range of 30- 35%, Also there is no improvement over Saturday. Reports are not encourging. Overall it will be weakest Movie of Ashutosh in terms of boxoffice at least(Along with Pahla Nashaa).

Wanted :

Wanted make Huge 38 Crore Nett over first week with distribution share of splendid 24 Crore. It is all set to create record business with super strong second week opening of around 4.5 2.5 Crore[Corercted] on Friday. Saturday should be better than Friday. Wanted is Sure Hit Now and is heading to achieve SuperHit Status within Two weeks. Verdict : Awaiting.

Dil Bole Hadippa:

Has done decent 19 Crore First week, Second week opens to poor 30% response. All set for Average earner. Verdict : Awaiting.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “No Takers for What’s Your Rashee? Wanted Super Strong 2nd Week Opening.”

  1. way to go wanted..
    sure to b come a super hit.

  2. I hope wanted becum blockbuster….

  3. i too hope wanted is a blockbuster…………

  4. Hey bollybusiness. Great site. I was wondering what is GROSS 1st week boxoffice of Wanted. You say NET business is around 38 crores but what about GROSS???

    Also, what do you think will be the TOTAL GROSS boxoffice in India & overseas, TOTAL NET in India & overseas.

    Please do reply.


  5. Boxofficeindia says- Wanted 36 cr around india & ovarses 4 cr. But my Question, Bollybusiness says 38 cr around india. Boxofficeindia Right Ya bollybusiness Right.

  6. Hey guys i saw wyr.i dont like it.otherwise go to watch hadippa.

  7. Good work bolly.

    Dont you think 4.5 cr friday is bit on the higher side.

  8. whats your rashee toooo boringggg!!!

  9. weekend figure for WANTED is wanted ??

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