Wanted/Dil Bole Hadippa Boxoffice Update – Tuesday

Dil Bole Hadippa :

As reported yesterday, Dil Bole Hadippa fell by around 40% on Monday with 2.6 Crore collections, However 40% is normal drop on weekdays but Monday being Holiday, DBH couldn’t take benefit. It saw further Substantial Drop on Tuesday.Four days total Nett is 15.6 Crore approx.

Wanted :

As reported yesterday, Wanted sustains very well on Eid(Monday) and collections are even better than Sunday with 7 crore Nett, however occupancy percentage of Delhi/Bombay circuit/CI/Punjab is almost same as on Sunday, It is UP which recorded a phenominal business and recovery of delhi collections(from Sunday mishap) which take total Nett higher than Sunday. Now Wanted stands at 26.58 Crore which is extremely good taking into account the above average opening. Another Good news for Wanted is that Tuesday opens to good response as well. Wanted is fourth movie in this decade(After Gadar, DON and Ghajini) which belongs to action genre and show such a stable trending in initial days.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 22, 2009.

43 Responses to “Wanted/Dil Bole Hadippa Boxoffice Update – Tuesday”


  2. what about overseas box office report

  3. wanted is sure a hit……..pl declare it soon……..v r waitin 4 tat……….

  4. ya wat abt overseas report for wanted????????

  5. Excellent report .. Now Wanted is all set to become HIT ..

  6. I like your blog .. its more intresting than anyone else bollywood site i know .. thanks much ..

  7. pls tell me is wanted a hit or superhit

  8. Excellent .. Maza aa gaya .. Wanted took U turn .. from above average weekend to excellent first week …. Bravo …

  9. i have heard kaminey earned 33 crores in its initial days ….wat does it mean???……….initial days means friday,, saturday and sunday or d whole 1st weak……

  10. Im confused.glamsham.com says wanted is flop in overseas whereas dil bole haddippa is hit… Plz tell me and what does opening weekend means??

  11. i want to know about overseas box office reponse of movie wanted.

  12. Wanted Overseas Poor Opening Total 3days Only 3.25 cr. I am so sorry. BUt i really happy wanted india Boxoffice created history on Eid by recording the highest collections ever on a Monday. Wanted grossed a huge 7.25 crore nett on Monday which is higher than what Ghajini.

  13. @jony thanks a lot…btw do u mean from U.k U.S.A AUSTRALIA DUBAI it grossed only 3.25 crore.if it is than sajid nd wajid are the main cause 4 dis..

  14. @Alamgir alam

    The reason is because such masala action films with a bit of 1980’s look and feel set in mumbai doesn’t appeal to the NRI audiene overseas. Also, ramazan affected the movie especially in UAE & Pakistan. Maybe after eid it picked up a lot but I am not sure. We will see but ya it will be a flop-above average overseas. All will depend on how it sustains at boxoffice overseas. Also, Salman has small fanbase on US, UK and Australia. Three very important countries for bollywood films boxoffice wise.

    In India it will be a clean HIT. Could go higher if it sustains.

  15. @ jojo,

    agreed with much of ur post but salman khan still has a big fan following overseas.. (not as much as srk or akki tho).. its just tht the action genre there just doesn’t perform.. im sure mamk and ld will be big hits overseas.. cuz of their genre..

  16. @jojo i agree with some ov wat u sed but salman khan is popular in U.k nd U.s.a may be not in australia……. Da main reason is da luk ov da movie,muzic which is below average….

  17. @manoj ur rite ld will take a bumper opening coz its among da top10 anticipated films in dose 3 countries……accordin 2 bollywoodhungama.com….. Btw wat do u think?? Blue or main aurr mrs khanna r all da best which one will open better in india???

  18. @ alamgir, its a tough call !! cuz theyre releasing one day prior to diwali, collections will be low for all three films.. even on diwali, they’ll be low.. from 18th onwards, the films will pick up (but since 3 are releasing one will definitely be a casualty.. i expect BLUE to take the best start followed by MAMK then ATB in India.. overseas MAMK could be the better of the three (on assumption of romance genre plus salman and kareena starcast). what are your thoughts?

  19. kameenay nay tottal 32 cror ka busines kiya hai or tum keh rahe ho iss ne hafte main 33 cror kiya check kar lo indiafm.com

  20. UAE started slowly since its release coincided with the last two days of Ramadan, but the film grossed over 500k Dirhams on Sunday, followed by 600k Dirhams on Monday, making the gross 1.5 million Dirhams. This is a significant gross despite Friday and Saturday being slow with Sunday and Monday being higher than any other previous film.

    Pakistan is seeing euphoria like never before. In centres like Gujranwala, where LOVE AAJ KAL did Pak Rs. 7 lakhs in a week, WANTED has done Pak Rs. 4 lakhs in a single day!!! Almost all centres are reporting similar trends in Pakistan.

  21. @manoj i also think lyk u… But all the best may suprise us lyk golmaal 2 ….music of mamk is better den Atb,blue accordin 2 me… Mamk will open better in multiplexes!!! In overseas im not sure.

  22. Guys wanted is rockin U.A.E ND Pakistan accordin 2 indiafm.com

  23. Wanted is continuing with record business on Tuesday which was Bassi Eid. The film collected around 5.75 crore nett on Tuesday which is very similar to the collections of Ghajini on its first Tuesday. Single screens across the country recorded huge business with higher collections than Monday. Multiplexes were around 30% lower than its record Monday.

    The five day collections of the film stand at around 31 crore nett and the next two days are expected to add anywhere between 5-7.50 crore nett depending on how it performs as holiday season is over. The first week business should come somewhere in the range of 36-38.50 crore nett which would make it Salman Khan’s biggest first week opener and and fifth biggest seven day opening week in history.

  24. i read this in boxofficeindia.com

  25. Any chance of this becoming a blockbuster?

  26. wednesday figures plzzzzzzzzz

  27. tuesday figures and wednesday trend plzzzzzzzzz

  28. arre, how can wed figures be available so soon.. its only early afternoon in india now.. it will take time! wanted is a blockbuster for sure.. wait another 7-8 days for 2nd weekend to come out n then it will be official !

  29. How can it be fifth?? Im not sure of SINGh, ghajnii,LAK,KI,WELCUm,???

  30. Ghajini, LAK, RNBDJ, SIK.. wanted will be 5th.. needs to get 40 crore week 1 to beat SIK.. tough ask.

  31. @ can u tell me how much welcum nd khambhakt ishq made in 1st 7 days.

  32. tuesaday net and wednesday trend plzzzzz

  33. @ alamgir, boi has welcome at 33 cr.. (70 total blockbuster).. KI also 33.4 (47 total disaster).. although i dont think KI was a disaster.. probably below average.. add in overseas collection + home theater + music rights.. i think KI would have finished as semi hit..but indian boi. below ave..

  34. @ Manoj, that KI disaster is a typo by BOI, they had it as Above average first, i am sure they will fix it.

    I think KI was Average+ fare.

  35. bolly.
    wat abt tuesday net and wednesday trend ??

  36. What happnd?? Y da site isnt updated…..wat bwt wednesday figure??

  37. wat happend . whr is d wednsdy b.o update guyz ?

  38. wanted has made 38 crores till wednesday cheeers according to ndtv

  39. wanted rocks.

  40. wanted is superhit ,great action ever seen,salman ka jalwa

  41. SALMAN is great actor in all aspects than others as srk sees about itself,he is slim but he feel that he has good body than salman..
    pagal hai ghamandi sala..
    salman zindabad..u can beat all stars..go on golden heart..i lov u..

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