Important Note

Dear All,

I am on travel since morning and writing this post from Amsterdam Airport, Heading for Darlington from here. Will not be much active for discussions, however will give you important updates, and of course will post some articles which i have written in past but have not posted yet. Will be back to India in couple of days!!

Thanks !!

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Important Note”

  1. Happy journey Bolly … Articles post karna mat bhulna .. will check you regularly …

  2. how did u know abt box office collection in india from amsterdam ??/

  3. Kis sadi mein jee rahe ho ravi bhai .. you don’t need to be physically present everywhere to get data .. tumhe kya lagta hai .. bolly sara din ghumta rahta hai distributors aur cinema owners ke paas ? however he told me once at NG about how he manage to get data .. but would not open that secret without his knowledge ..

  4. Best of luck bolly .. looking forward for your posts ///

  5. we are waiting for ur post.bring good posts.please tell me about Ajay films like dilgale,vijaypath,najayaz

  6. top bollywood movies till now

  7. acid factory on box office

  8. WANTED four week boxoffice collection

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