Wanted/Dil Bole Hadippa Saturday Numbers

Wanted :

Wanted which was already performing well, picked up further in range of 5 – 20% at some multiplexes of Maharashtra, NCR and Punjab on Saturday along with rock steady performance at single screens. However Big Jump was on Multiplexes of chandigarh, Amritsar Kalyan, Ghatkopar and Dadar mumbai Where it register Jump of 20% +.

However some plexes even saw some Drop of substantial 5 – 18 % Like DT Star cinema Saket register drop of 12%, Delite cinema, Delhi saw drop of merely 3%, Cinemax, Nagpur saw 18% Drop.  

But overall Saturday is  8% higher than Friday with Approx. 6.75 crore Nett Business across country. Wanted biggest drawback is overdoes of action scenes which is keeping away family audience.

Total Nett for first two days : 13 Crore.

Total Distribution Share :   8.5 crore

Dil Bople Hadippa :  

Dil Bole Hadippa performs rock steady business on Saturday at North India belt like NCR and Punjab where it is going neck to neck against Wanted mainly due to flood of family audience. However4 single screen register furthur drop at some centers. Saturday Nett business is 4.68 crore.

Total Nett for first two days : 9.2 Crore.

Total Distribution Share :   6 crore

*Note: Precision for these figures is about 85%. In other terms you can say there could be +/- 15% variation in numbers which would be more clear in coming days.

** These figures are based on 65% sample size of multiplexes and 15% sample size of single screens.

** This is efforts towards giving viewer early reporting. Will try to improve the system more precise in future.

~ by Yakuza on September 20, 2009.

10 Responses to “Wanted/Dil Bole Hadippa Saturday Numbers”

  1. would be kind of you to approximate just mumbai nett figures for first 2 days.. for both films

  2. what would be the approximate revenue generated in one week. I know it is early but i want you to estimate because most of your estimates are correct.

  3. Great .. I am evident of north india pickup of wanted .. as i witness crowd here in amritsar on saturday .. good report ..

  4. wanted is copy of Pokhiri.. I think bollywood if creating the trend to remake south indian super hits.. Tere naam, ghazini are other exmpl..

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  6. Good Job , BOlly, so you think wanted has chances of being hits as it has holidays coming too.(And dist share looks handsome as most is coming from the single screens).

    • Success is sure !! To get HIT Tag it requires 25 – 28 crore distribution share from india. Now all depends on business in weekdays. specially Eid !!

      • and what about DBH? do you think it’s working enough to be a hit? i read the budget is quite small, about 15 cr

  7. Your predictions about Wanted and Dil Bole Hadippa seem to be correct now, Both movies are set to to in same range which you have predicted .. look like great analyst you are ..

  8. Bollybusiness Good job,Just got info from the sources(EROS,overseas distributers of Wanted),

    First Day = ~6 cr.

    Second Day = ~6.5 cr.

    You are bang on target. Great going.

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