Wanted/Dil Bole Hadippa Friday Numbers


Wanted :

Wanted has done approx. 6.25 crore Nett business on Friday. Distribution share of these numbers would be higher because majority of chunk comes from single screen who gives better Distributor share. Single screen contributes 2.5 crore approx. First day distribution share would be approx. 4.1 crore .

Dil Bole Hadippa :

DBH has collected around 4.55 crore on Friday. It is just reverse case of Wanted where majority comes from multiplexes. Single screen contributes around 95 lacs. First day distribution share would be 2.88 crore.

*Note: Precision for these figures is about 85%. In other terms you can say there could be +/- 15% variation in numbers which would be more clear in coming days.

** These figures are based on 65% sample size of multiplexes and 15% sample size of single screens.

** This is efforts towards giving viewer early reporting. Will try to improve the system more precise in future.


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 19, 2009.

13 Responses to “Wanted/Dil Bole Hadippa Friday Numbers”

  1. This is wonderful .. quite very very fast .. well wanted seem to winner because it is doing extremely well in single screens .. it seem like Wanted 60 crore business would be almost equal to 70 crore for any other movie … greattt

  2. It is a sad sad day when second rate rubbish like Wanted can make more money than Hadippa…it’s 2009 not 1979! India has moved on it’s about time the masses moved on too! They are keeping India back in the dark ages. Hadippa has done better than Wanted overseas and in the multiplexes why dont people report that? Single screens r for pendus and jamadars!

    • Action movies generally don’t do good business overseas, It was bound to happen, and what you say about those B grade hollywood masala movies clicking at BO, I think you must have watched all Arnold flicks who itself is 50+. However i dont assume them to be B grade flicks, but should be subpar as your standards !!

    • wanted delivers what it promises.so it is a winner and it will surely pick up in multiplexes too.

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  4. ok how can one find distributor share from single screens daily ? are they given on daily rent or weekly rent to get and idea ?

  5. Neo,Bollybusiness has said before that single screen share varies from 60-80% , so i guess he is taking 70% for average.

  6. Wow .. even BOI are just 10%(on lower side) varies with you, and ur update is way before published, Now it would be interesting to check who is close to reality … great going bolly .. we really need tough competitor for BOI …

  7. wanted is super hits movie and dbh is flop

  8. Yes Bolly great going.

  9. I think wanted is around 6 cr on friday.

    When is your saturday update coming.

  10. please keep us updated twice a day………how is da 2nd day response????????

  11. wat abt saturday numbers !!

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