This Week From The Past – SAATHI ( 1991)

Release Date: 20th September 1991 

Synopsys :

From IMDB :

Last week, I just happen to rediscover this film directed by Mahesh Bhatt and I must confess that I still can’t get the film out of my mind. To me, it’s a solid piece of 90’s film-making in India. The film is loosely based on the film Scarface (1983) which was directed by Brian De Palma and was written by Oliver Stone. Though, the similarity between the two films is just restricted to the ‘rise of a gangster’ part. Saathi, essentially is the story of Suraj (Aditya Pancholi) and Amar (Mohsin Khan) and their friendship which also reminds me of Sholay’s Jai and Veeru in a vague manner, especially the earlier part.

The film chronicles the journey of both the friends together from street urchins to petty thieves to life of some serious crime. At a certain point Amar refuses to tread this path of crime and Suraj is hell bent on going on and on. The characterizations of Amar and Suraj also share similarities with Ravi and Vicky respectively from Bhatt’s previous film Naam (1986), incidentally written by Salim Khan.

The strength of the film lies in its brisk and relentless narrative, good performances and good music. The way Bhatt has used the songs to take the narrative further is also commendable. Every song adds up to the narrative in its own way despite of there being six songs in the film. ‘Yaarana Yaar Ka’, ‘Aisa Bhi Dekho Waqt Jeeven Mein Aata Hai’ and ‘Zindagi Ki Talash Mein’ are among the best of the songs in the film.

Aditya Pancholi’s Suraj and Mohsin Khan’s Amar balance each other quite well. Aditya’s reckless, impulsive and nervous portrayal of Suraj is one of the actor’s best till date. Mohsin’s mature, restrained and underplayed interpretation of Amar compliments Suraj quite well. The highlight of the film is the scene where Suraj goes way out of control and shoots the policeman who was responsible for his father’s death.

The explicitness of violence and drugs portrayed in the film is typically 80’s-early 90’s which was very much required by the film to make its point regarding connections between poverty, crime and class conflict

Boxoffice :

At the boxoffice, this movie was slow opener with around 35 lacs in first week. But it trended really well with end business of around 95 lacs. It was low budget musical movie and a lot chunk of amount has come from music sales as well. For theatrical run it was Above average fare.

Recall value :

The movie is still remembered for its Timeless Music and Great Performances specially from Aditya pancholi. This is first time Aditya pancholi prove himself as good actor.

Jubilles : 

Saathi ran for straight 12 weeks at Anand cinema, Lucknow and 18 weeks at  Manju shree, Kanpur.

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9 Responses to “This Week From The Past – SAATHI ( 1991)”

  1. Thanks sir for bringing azaming film SAATHI.i love flm saathi.and great performance of Adiyta and Mohsin.great film.please Sir we want to see Ajay devgan great films like Dilgale,Najaayez and Vijay path informations.please bring soon.

  2. Yeah, This is great work, you really bring smile on my face by ringing my memories back for this movie. Love it and Love your site too .. I am adicted for your articles now ..

  3. Aditya Panscholi was fantastic in this surprisingly gritty gangster tale from Mahesh Bhatt! Much of the same stuff he’s regurgitated before and after that, but this one remains a darker film overall too.

    Panshcoli IMO is one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood..right from SAILAAB to AATISH, to even MUSAFIR!

    • Later on pancholi was more in news for all wrong reasons than acting like drugs/rape case etc .. His first three movies titles were hilarious and quite similar …
      Muneer ki Beti (1986)
      Maryam ki Beti (1986)
      Afshar Ki Saali (1986)

      First time he got recognition from “Quatil” in 1988 ..

  4. Hi this film saathi was really amazing! Aditya pancholi stole the show. The other actors were also good like paresh rawal, moshin khan, and varsha. Music was very good too I really liked the song zindagi ki talash.

  5. the movie was awesome and aditya was brilliant in it!. what about the three movies you have mentioned here. can u guide where to find them? would like to watch them also.

  6. MY name is Luca,i’m an italian born guy, Saathi is my favourite movie, very nice story Amazing songs and gr8 performance by Aditya pancholi!!!

  7. I agree this was the first time that Aditya pancholi show a gr8 performance and proves himself to be a good actor, i like his acting, i love the songs specially (“YARAANA”, “AISA BHI DEKHO WAQT” AND “ZINDAGI KI TALAASH MAIN HUM “…Saathi is my favourite movie and the best one of Aditya pancholi film career until now…

  8. SAATHI is my favourite movie!the best movie of Aditya Pancholi according to me!!…I like also the songs specially YARAANA YARR KA,AISA BHI DEKHO WAQT AND ZINDAGI KI TALAASH MAIN HUM!!…I like the story of the movie,I think the young people should watch this movie 2 understand that THE DRUGS IS AN YOUR ENEMY, STAY AWAY FROM THAT RUBBISH!!…

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