Salman Khan Career In This Decade

This week we will see the battle between Wanted and Dil Bole Hadippa. This Battle is more between Salman khan(Lead Actor) and Rani mukharjee(Lead actress)  than Shahid Kapoor(Lead Actor).

Common factor between these actors are, Both desperately need Hit. Salman’s last Hit was Partner in 2007, while Rani last success was Ta Ra Rum Pum in 2007. Salman has series of flops before and after partner Like YuvRaj, Heroes, God Tussi Great Ho. We will not count special appearances like Hello, Sanwaria etc. , However media is always guilty to include guest appearance movies to Bash any actor.

Lets analyze the box-office impact as well as Future projects of Salman Khan in this decade, We will not count guest appearances.

Sr. No Movie Nett Gross (Approx round figures) Verdict
1 Partner 58 Crore Super Hit
2 No entry 42 Crore Super Hit
3 Mujhse Shaadi Karogi 30 Crore Hit
4 JaaneMann 26 Crore Flop
5 Maine pyaar kyon kiya 24 Crore Semi – Hit
6 Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega 22 Crore Above Average
7 Salaam-e-ishq 23 Crore Flop
8 Lucky 15 Crore Average
9 YovvRaaj 15 crore Flop
10 God Tussi Great Ho 15 Crore Flop
11 Chori Chori Chupke Chupke 13 Crore Above Average
12 Tere Naam 13 Crore Semi Hit
13 Heroes 13 Crore Flop
14 Garv 13 Crore Semi Hit
15 Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam 12 crore Below Average
16 Kyonki 10 Crore Flop
17 Dulhan hum le jayenge 10 Crore Average
18 Chal mere bhai 9 crore Flop
19 Tumko Na Bhool Payenge 7 Crore FLop
20 Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha 7 Crore Flop
21 Ye Hai Jalwa 5 Crore Flop
22 Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye 3 Crore Flop
23 Shaadi karke Phas Gaya Yaar (Delayed movie) 2.5 Crore Flop
24 London Dreams 31 Crore Flop
25 Veer 41 Crore Flop
    Total Boxoffice impact 406.5 Crore
    Average Nett per movie Approx 17 Crore
    Total movies Released 25
    Total Success 10
    Total Flops 15
    Total Hits +/- 6
    Success ratio 40 %
    Hit Ratio 24 %
    Flop Ratio 60 %

Salman khan has commit some serious mistakes in choosing movies which itself were not A Grade projects. However Salman Future projects are quite Lavish as well as qualitative Like Wanted, Main Aur Mrs. Khanna, London Dreams. All are promising projects and set for 2009 release.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 16, 2009.

78 Responses to “Salman Khan Career In This Decade”

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  2. BOllybusiness have you recieved email from RKS.

    Good article by the way.

  3. why have u included heroes in this list? he was there for a song and 2 scenes.. not his movie..

  4. Dulhan hum le jayenge was a hit,Lucky was semi hit,kahin pyar na ho jaye was Average,Tumko na bhool payenge was average,Tere Naam was Super hit,Har dil jo pyar karega was Hit, If u guys dont have correct information so please dont anything wrong it is the matter of salman khan’s career

  5. Marigold is missing — it was a disaster
    Saawariyan is missing — flop
    Hello is missing — flop
    Saawan is missing — flop
    Phir Milenge is missing – flop

  6. MARIGOLD is neither…it’s Salman in a full fledged role!

    • have to check for MARIGOLD, if it is abhishek in LCMD Kinda deal, then i would rather not include.

      • Marigold is a full fledged role, but I don’t think it can be considered a Bollywood movie. The entire production crew and director, actress were American. And he movie wasn’t even in Hindi.

  7. Akshay Kumar & Salman do movies for their friends & have perhaps the worst sense of choosing the right scripts. If they were doing just 1 movie a year like Aamir, SRK or Hrithik, all their movies wud hv been blockbusters!!!

  8. Everything That u wrote its ri8. But the only mistake is about PARTNER, its not superhit It was BLOCBUSTER. and this news i haven’t create from me but its wroten on every website. Specialy say’s on &

  9. 1stly PARTNER waz blockbuster… & where iz wanted???? in ths list

    • wanted has not comleted its run at b.o., i guess wil be updated later by bb, also this site has its own methodology to get bo status, wanted may come under superhit by bb

  10. I m tottaly agree with manoj & bollbusines . Please dont considered guest apprence role like heroes. If u considered guest apprence role then what abou bhagban.
    Use sense

  11. this article is incorrect heroes should not be dre.
    and am not being funny but it waz coz of Salman dat da film didi decent business.
    and dis vivek guy iz a complete idiot or is plain stupid.

  12. Bolly will you be adding Wanted soon to the list,as you have given Superhit verdict to it.

  13. I agree The Info Is Wrong and Tere Naam was a Huge Hit Not Semi Hit, You Need To Revise The Entire Info On Your Post as Its completely Incorrect.

    • Commercially Tere Naam was semi-hit however it was perceptional taken as super-hit .. but we can’t buy perceptions when facts are right on cards ..

  14. @ Yakuza
    i have nowt against Akki but a lot of Akki films r percieved to be big hits when in fact dre not.
    KI, SIK etc.
    considering dat Akki haz made bout da same no of films as Sallu and SRK he haz not achieved more success.
    coz people need to wake up who call Akki king of bollywood.

    • If you saying that Salman is still a bigger star by comparing his hits in the 90s to Akki’s hits to the last 3-4 years, then I would say Amitabh is still the undisputed star in bollywood. No one can ever beat him 😉

  15. Well the % percentage be updated thanks to Wanted and MAMK, and in a week, London Dreams?

  16. @ Randy
    u cant really call MAMK Salman’s film
    according to da Times of India he waz in it for 11 mins.
    wen i finsihed watchin da movie dats how i felt dat it waz nothing more dan a cameo. (Baghban) as a Salman fan i would not call dis hiz film.
    lets hope LD is huge.
    he needs to stop makin films to plz people even if its hiz own production house.

  17. its a shame coz most of Salman successful films were in da 90’s. anywayz WANTED now LD lets hope he can sustain himself.

  18. TO ALL.
    LUCK is a prime example of how great Salman is. how many people thought and still think da actress Sneha cant act. he carried da film to become average grosser.
    Especially dat song Jaan Meri Jarahee Hai Sanam. dat song is magical. i want him to go back looking like dat.

  19. haha i meant LUCKY NO TIME FOR LOVE.

  20. Partner is a blockbuster ..nobody can change that..where is bhagbhan?

  21. Partner is Blockbuster yakuza is completely wrong here whatever method be used. And if Bhaghban is Super Hit & Bunty Aur Babli as well, then Veer – Zaara is also Super Hit as Veer – Zaara was bigger Hit than both Movies.

  22. just seen ur is hilarious..depend on so many real man..verdict depend only only only on distributer wom no trending.

    • if you take into account only distribution share, most of HIT movies will tagged as flop as due to sky high budget and distribution price, even so called blockbuster earn just 40 -50% more than distribution price. Its only other factors which serve the purpose to balance the pseudo realm.

      let me explain you how these factors play an important role :

      1. Recall value : Aaj Ka Arjun was Super Hit at the time of release, but due to NULL recall value this movie is consider just HIT(means today it lost its weight at box-office).

      2. WOM : Jo Jita Vohi Sikandar due to Strong WOM termed as Semi Hit today, otherwise it was flop at that time.

      3. Trending : It’s just due to trending that All the Best is considered as Above average at box-office, otherwise if it would have opened as big as blue will be declared flop outright.

      These are such an important factor which never ever ignored in trade while giving verdict. But you seem like jumping on your feet by seeing this open methodology first ever on net.

      • Yakuza, we request you not to reply to the sarcastic queries. these guys can never learn how to put in comments.

      • Yakuza, I agree with your methodology regarding importance of the non-monetary factors but can you clarify if distributor’s share comes up to only 50% of the price they paid, how do they recover the rest of costs, rest make a profit?

        • Distributors take 50% for first week, 42.5% for second week, 37.5% for third week, and 30% for fourth week. Distributors need to recover their cost of distribution from these shares only. Well if their deal includes Home video and satellite rights as well then they apart from DS, these are another revenue sources. check this topic for better understanding :

  23. lol…hahaha..wht a justification..than hera pheri is a all time blockbuster..dude we r talking abt box office verdicts not general ll always considered flop no matter how good it wom..sorry yakuza ur box office knowledge is very limited..daily a big blunder.this is the latest.

    • fine, leave this place .. for the other 99% of us, Yakuza beats any other box office analyst by far. Transparent box office results and unbiased opinions, you don’t get that anywhere else.

  24. why u making things complicated.all the best is above avg coz it recoverd its cost simple..goin by ur logic kambakt ishq kank r comment on that.

  25. @Yakuza, Was Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar was not clean HIT ??? This is my all time favourite movie .. 😦

  26. Main Aur Mrs Khanna a super hit on DTH with Rs. 21

    Main Aur Mrs Khanna a super hit on DTH with Rs. 21 crore gross
    November 18th, 2009 – 12:37 am ICT by sampurn –

    Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer Main Aurr Mrs Khanna may have not done well at the box office but the film has been a huge grosser at the DTH. It is said that the film has the highest viewership rating on DTH and has grossed over 21 crores so far. It may be recalled that UTV had sold the satellite rights of the film just within three days on the release of the film at the theatres.

    In fact most of the producers are now considering releasing their films on DTH. Recently it was also said that Aamir Khan is considering releasing his film 3 Idiots on DTH Director Prem Soni states in this regards, “It’s a delight to know that Main Aurr Mrs Khanna is a huge success on DTH.

    It’s a new beginning for an Indian film as DTH has become as good as territory and I am happy that my film has scored such big figures. My film has set a bench mark for all the forthcoming films that would release on DTH simultaneously.”


  27. well dere u go. Sallu is still da hero ov da masses. i hope dis story iz true.

  28. yeah bro i hope the same lol 🙂

  29. Garv is average not semi-hit.

  30. if u cud include baabul as his flop then y not baghban as his hit ??????

    biased source

    • Hmmmn, good point ..

      Baabul is a full fledged role where he was present in enter first half of the film so should be included.
      Baaghban is touted as a special appearance, but he was nominated for Best Supporting Role for that. So do we consider that as a supporting role and not special appearance?

      Yakuza can clarify..

      • Babul was well developed role with good screen time as well, while Baghban was nothing but guest appearance with mere 15-20 minutes screen time. You can easily sense this if you have watched both movies, Salman’s role was blended well with story in Babul, While Salman’s character in Baghban was just a cameo for three time appearance(once during initial reels, second at Showroom, Third at climax) with minimal dialogs. Difference in roles(impact and length) is clearly tangible i guess.

        Well Praz can you justify it better way ?

  31. can some1 tell me da role of Salman in KKHH. people say special appearance but i personally thought supporting role. he comes exactly half way (song) and in between scenes including climax.
    i know dis is nowt to do wid career dis decade but am curious to know.

    • Again same thing that I mentioned regarding Baghban. It is touted by special appearance even though he got Best Supporting Actor award for it.

      Media bias? Wouldn’t be the first time.
      Because he didn’t charge anything for it? Then even a lead role where he doesn’t charge anything is a special appearance.

  32. y u r not updating recent movies of salman wanted,london dreams

  33. saawan is a flop film.why dont u peaple include this film in a list.

  34. Please somebody tell me the collections of wanted,love aajkal,ajab prem ki ghajab kahani

  35. Salman Khan has the strongest upcoming projects ever.

    The list includes

    1. Veer (Everyone knows about this – a blockbuster for sho)
    2. Dabaang with Arbaaz Khan
    3. Paris – Prem Soni
    4. Partner 2 – Tom & Jerry – David Dhawan
    5. Mr. India 2 as Mogembo – Bonney Kapoor
    6. Kick – (Ghajni fame Murgodass (sp?) ) – with Deepika – Nadiadwala
    7. Most Wanted – Pradhudeva
    8. Judwaa 2 – Sajid Nadiadwala

    Its like next 2 years of powerpack entertainment.

    Not to forget
    1. Bajiroa Mastani
    2. Amar Akbar Anthony Remake
    3. Andaaz Apna Apna Sequel

    are confirmed news then there no one to stop this hunk.

  36. oh btw i forgot to mention Banda yeh bindas hai with Govinda 🙂

  37. Yakuza, as u said this will be updated with each release of Salman, but there have 4 releases no update from u yet. When can we expect…

  38. MAMK is a disaster. Kondon Dreams a failure. Veer is not a success,
    Hero, Hello, and God Tusse great Ho all disappeared . Only Wanted was a Hit.
    So Salman rethink and act in one or two pictures a year and you will succeed. Dont take sohail with you in any film. He will brings badluck.
    There was a movie in Tamil called “Bale Pandya” produced some 30 years back with Sivaji Ganesan in triple role and M.R.Rada in double role. I suggest you produce the same to the present day
    context and It will be a huge success. You can take the role o f
    Sivajiganesan and Anupam Kher in the role played by M R. Radha. It is a family drama and will be a big success.
    Take Deepika Padukone, as lover of Sivajiganesan junior and Sridevi as wife of Sivajiganesan seneior. Dont show your Body. It is becomig toomuch and stale.

  39. Joseph,

    Hero, hello and even mamk was not salman,s movies. He was in guest appearance in those movies. It would be unfair if we include these movies in salman,s flop list.
    I am quite amazed by the so called box office critics, they include all salman’s flop movies whether he was in main lead or not, but we avoid billu and dmg while analyzing srk, although he had sizable roles in these movies.

  40. I dont care box office all what i know is that salman is the best i am not indian but salman is my favourite actor i like him….. sallue…………. just do it…

  41. 1.salman is voted as 8th most beatifull n attractive celebrity
    of world,including katrina,kareena,aishwarya.
    2. 1st most beatiful n attractive person or celebrity of india.
    3. most searched celebrity of india,2010.
    congrates sallu.
    tum india ka naam,beaty main laye 4 male.

  42. allover people of world like salman eyes,body,attitude,face,smile.

  43. mujse shsdi karogi is super hit movie idiot … u people dont know the feelings of public then why are u giving wrong info

  44. all the best 4 sallu …

  45. wat bullshit you make it sound like that salman has not been successfull… dude you say he had total of 6 hits, r u mad I can count more then 10 movie of his which are hit just on my finger tips. Main Pyaar Kiya,Hum Saath Saath Hain, Hum App Kay Hain Kaun, Pyar Kiya To Darna Kiya, Dil Day Chukay Sanam, No Entry, Patney, Sajan, Baghi, Karan Arjun, Biwi No 1, Sanam Befawa, Jeet, Judwa, Bandan, Hum tumhare hain sanam, Bagban, Muj say shaadi karogi, Mien ne pyaar kyun kiya and etc go on count the rest you fool

  46. YAKUJA,
    baghban is not guest apperance,he is supporting actor.
    he was nominated 4 filmfare as supporting actor.
    his scenes was 5
    1. phone wid anitabh,song
    3. pooja in home n gifted car
    4. go to amit home wid hema n amit

  47. YAKUJA,
    KKHA is also supporting,he won the award 4 tht.
    as heroes is supporting role.

    • i agree Prity

      people attribute flop films to Salman, what about the successful ones like you’ve mentioned

  48. I am a fun of salman khan in Afghanistan i think all the movies of salman is great and the list is not right, salman khan has more hit movies like (Maine pyar kya, Patar ke phool, Sajan, Sanam bewafa, Hum ap ke hain kaun, hum sat sat hain, bandhan, har dil jo pyar karega, chori chori chupke chupke, dulhan hum lejenge, Bewi no 1, tere nam, judwa, kurban, andaz apna apna, karan arjun, Jeet, Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, Baghban, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Lucky – No Time For Love, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, No entry, Partner, Wanted)
    and u have named just 6 of them, then count that how it will be,


    • HA HA HA …… This list is of movies released in 2000 decade only. Read the title carefully .. Career this decade.

  49. salmans guest appearance or special appearance role,
    1. hello
    2. apkgk
    3. dewana mastana

  50. as a supporting actor films,
    1. kuch kuch hota hai(he won filmfare award 4 tht)
    2. baghban (he was nominated in filmfare 4 supporting actor)
    3. heroes (just like kkha,baghban)
    4. hum tumhare hain sanam.

  51. YAKUJA,

  52. salman/saloo i love you

  53. Waiting for Dabangg to release 🙂

  54. he is one of the best actor ever india had,love u sallo bhai

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