Major Boxoffice Clashes

Next week Wanted and Dil Bole Hadippa will clash at boxoffice, This is boxoffice battle of Action Masala VS Musical drama, Salman VS Shahid. Who will score ? Both movies are leaving no stone unturn for promotion. We can see Wanted everywhere, and Wanted VS Dil Bole Hadippa stories on every other news channel. However Wanted has an edge over Dil Bole Hadippa in every department like star value(Salman is definetly much bigger than Shahid even after success of kaminey), Promotion, Wanted Promos are more appealing and stylish as well. Still Boxoffice is always very unpredictable, quality of products and their transformation into boxoffice collections is always an interesting case to study.

Lets have a look at some Major/Interesting clashes in the history of bollywood.

1. Dil VS Ghayal(1990) :

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It was Aamir VS Sunny deol, Romance VS Action. Both were Superhits, However DIL has some Edge over Ghayal in terms of collections.


2. Raja hisdustani VS Ghatak (1996):

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Again it was Aamir VS Sunny deol. It was again pleasant boxoffice clash. Raja Hisdutani was BlockBuster, while Ghatak was SemiHit.

3. Lagaan VS Gadar (2001):

Again Aamir VS Sunny deol. This time Sunny won in terms of boxoffice collections. Gadar was ATBB while Lagaan was SuperHit.

4. Om Shanti Om VS Saanwariya (2007):

It was SRK VS Newcomers (Ranbir and sonam). OSO Was SuperHit while Saanwariya was Flop.

5. Deewana mastana VS Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi (1997):

It was quite an interesting clash because captain of ship for both movies was common i.e. David dhawan.  Another common thing was lead actress Juhi chawala common in both movies. It was first and last time in the history of bollywood that Two movies of same Director and Actress clash at boxoffice on same week.It was clash between David/Govinda/Anil kapoor/Juhi chawala VS David/Akshay kumar/Juhi chawala. At boxoffice Deewana Mastana was Semihit while Mr. and Mrs. khiladi was Average. However Mr. and Mrs. khiladi was Superhit later on Satellite channels and DVD circuits compared to Deewana Mastana which never appreciated after first round of release.

6. Teesri Aankh VS Desh premi (1982):

It was Dharmendra/ Shatrughan sinha VS Amitabh(double role). Amitabh was in peek during 1982, and Amitabh + Manmohan combo never went wrong till date. However this clash result in Desh Premi to sattle at SemiHit and Teesri aankh was Flop. However Desh Premi was effected more because of BlockBuster run of Namak Halaal released on immediate next week.

7. Sau Din Saas ke VS Karz (1980) :

Interesting aspect of this clash was that despite female oriented movie, Sau din saas ke got better opening at Boxoffice. However both did Below average business at boxoffice, Karz has got memorable status as Blockbuster musical. It would be hard to believe for today’s audience that Karz was Flop when it was first released.

8. Khakee VS Aitbaar(2004) :

Interesting aspect of this clash was common facrtor Amitabh bachchan. However this battle turns out to be one side affair, Khakee was winner with Above average performance while Aitbaar was total Washout.  In long run, Khakee has even achieved cult status and touted as best cop movie.

9. Welcome VS Taare Zameen Par(2007) :

It was again pleasing clash of 2007 between Aamir and Akshay. While Welcome was multi-starrer commercial comedy movie, Taare zameen par was for kids with strong social message about dyslexia. Obviously opening  was bound to be excellent for Welcome, However in long run both movies emerged as Huge Superhits with Taare zameen par achieved cult status.

* Interestingly All those clashes where both movies were successful has Aamir in one of them.


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~ by Yakuza on September 15, 2009.

18 Responses to “Major Boxoffice Clashes”

  1. ”Quote:It was first and last time in the history of bollywood that Two movies of same director clash at boxoffice on same week.”

    -Not exactly .Even Priyadarshan had two releases on the same day Garam Masala and Kyon Ki on the same day ..

    • Sorry , it should be “It was first and last time in the history of bollywood that Two movies with common director and actress clash at boxoffice on same week”
      Corrected !! Thanks !!

  2. Bollybusiness for example i am posting this on NG, you can see how much exposure this one gets.

    Good luck.

  3. […] LINK […]

  4. Bollybusiness, I never knew that Mr and Mrs Khiladi became a superhit on satellite channels. I loved the film though for its kiddish comedy.

  5. I have linked the Life after Boxoffice topic to Naachgaana too.

    I am trying to get this blog some traction,it will help both.Lets see.

    If you have any suggestions or objections let me know.

  6. I love this website because they write completley true.great work.second website who write correct result of amitabh movies,another one is IBOSNETWORK.amitabh is the pillar of I right?

  7. oh please ibosnetwork tell lies and make things up! they hate srk for some reason and always mark his films down and abhishek’s up. its a nonsense site. bollywbuisness is brilliant and the best site along with boxofficeindia. lets hope this clash is also a pleasant one as I would love both Rani and Salman to make comebacks. Plus Salman has the potential to give 2 more hits this year with London and Main Aur Mrs K. Rani isnt even shooting for any films at the moment so desperately hope Hadippa at least gets above average status. How much money will it need to make to get AA status or semi-hit status?

  8. raja hindustani was bb..agreed…but ghatak was best opener ever in history at that time….this record was broken after 31 weeks at bo…….n no need to say abt gadar….it was monster n none mvi till today created sucha hysteria in history…..62 cr is its distributer share..that too in non multiplex era….isnt it smethhing out of this world…n its best ever share in history…..

  9. I think KKHH and Bade miyan chhote miya also released on the same day. I may be wrong there….. KKHH was a blockbuster while bmcm was a big hit.

  10. hey guys
    one more clsh yhat has been forgotten was in october 2001 between sunny deols INDIAN and srk’s ASOKA.However indian was a big hit and Asoka was a flop.One more was the clash of AB starrers CHEENI KUM and SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA in MAY 2007.Both were hits.

  11. Hi Yakuza, though i ask many question but u didnt answer even one, but i still ask another one, thanks for letting us know that mr & mrs khiladi are average status. I want know the box office collection and last verdict of these films..sainik,zaalim,sapoot,deedar,hum hain bemisal and keemat. And why boxofficeindia write 39cr for the first week of apkgk, despite many sites write 42/41cr?

    • Hi Usman, Sorry if you i somehow missed your queries, I will bring these akshay movies very soon !! About APKGK, As reported earlier It is 37 crore in first week as par my analysis.

  12. I dont think Ghatak was semi-hit.
    It was second biggest grosser of that year.
    It is Hit or A verdict at box-office.

  13. Usman
    Sainik,Zaalim,deedar,Hum hain bemisal and keemat are outright flops.
    Sapoot recovered its costs due to good initial and is average at box-office.

  14. What about Mohabbatein VS Mission Kashmir? Do you think Khakee VS Atebaar clash was bigger than this. Even Don VS Janeeman clash was big.

    • no mohhabatein vs mission kashmir clash was bigger though mission kashmir was above average and mohabbatein a hit.

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