This Week From The Past : GERAFTAAR


Release Date : 13th Sep, 1985

Short synopsys :

From IMDB:

Geraftaar is a non stop entertaining movie. Another classic from the legend himself Amitabh Bachchan. It has the regular 80s storyline about boy separated from family, father gets killed etc. Geraftaar entertains thankfully because of Big B and Rajnikhant. Rajnikhant is a south Indian actor with good fast skills. Watching him with Amitabh is great fun. The other lead is Kamal Hassan. Kamal is practically the main actor in this movie. Amitabh doesn’t appear till half way, that still doesn’t stop the movie to disappoint. geraftaar has a few villains, the one that shines is Kader Khan and his dumb son Shakti kapoor. It has one nice song Dhoop mein. If you haven’t seen this film, i suggest you watch it.

From WIKI :

This is one of the films where the three great actors of Indian industry come together for the first time in screen. Here Rajinikanth gets a very small role as police inspector and his introductory screen he smokes his cigarette by shooting the gun up and with that fire he lights it up. This was the last movie in which Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth acted together.

Boxoffice : 

“It was Rave in south and record breaking in north. I still remember those days, I was passing by Kamal cinema delhi, There was uncontrollable Mob on the road. I was wondering what happens. I thought it must be some agitation or strike. I asked one person in mob “Kya ho raha hai yaha bhai” , He said “Amitabh ki movie lagi hai, uska advance ticket book ho raha hai“. Finding truth behind Mob was quite shocking, It was huge mob for getting advance ticket of geraftaar, I just surrender the God of Boxoffice.”

Jubilees :  10 Silver jubilees at Hyderabad(SkyLine), Delhi (Moti, Kamal), Meerut ( Nishant), Saharanpur ( Samrat), Khanna ( Natraj), Yamuna nagar(Madhu) , Ambala ( Nigar) , Bangalore ( Santosh) , Chennai ( Krishnaveni). These are recorded silver jubilees. Estimated unrecorded : 20.

Now about Numbers : It collected around 7 crore at boxoffice as par boxoffice trade magzine. If we adjust this figure in today scenario, it comes to around 80 crore.


Verdict : Super Hit.




— BollyBusiness 

~ by Yakuza on September 10, 2009.

7 Responses to “This Week From The Past : GERAFTAAR”

  1. Wonderful info from Past … Please bring some more Kamal hassan movies report .. Like Sanam teri kasam, EK duje ke liye …

  2. Thanks, bought back some good memories! I hold a special place for this film as it brings together Amitabh, Kamal and Rajni in one film!

    • Yeah .. this is one of those Two movies where amitabh in guest role overshadows the Lead actors … another one was Andha kanoon … coincidently .. both have south heroes in lead and both were Huge Hits ..

  3. Agree, though I think Kamal held his own here. Rajni’s death scene is an absolute fave too!!

    Yeah, ANDHAA KANOON is another one….

  4. Ha, this brought back memories…this was like a North + South masala course, with Amitabh and Rajni (especially thinking of Rajni’s intro scene) 🙂

    • Yeah .. this one was special for many reasons .. Apart from North and south superstars mixtures, this was amitabh’s first extended guest appearance which amazingly never considered guest one .. 🙂

  5. but at that time geraftar was declared a flop. the initial was becoz it was the only film from amitabh bachchan after a gap of one year after sharaabi (1984)

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