Take of the week – Rangeela

This is classic scene from Rangeela. Munna, a careless tapori guy, has decided to propose his girl, a little change in attitude and appearance just to make this date perfect has been carried out by Munna, however how one can change his basic attitude, This is first time he went to any five star hotel, he want to follow the ethics, but how? He dont know five star ethics. so he just behave like what he is. His entry to hotel show his overall change, but his mannerism show that he doesn’t even pretend to leave his basic antics. Munna dont know how to propose. he ask some silly question to Milli, Like “Milli main soch raha tha life mein sattle hone ka“, this is indirect approach of munna to propose her. Now waiter comes in picture. He instantly get Munna right when he ask “AC idhar ghuma na“, Waiter expression plays an important role here. Because it was his expression which make the scene more humorous. And it was Munna expression in the end when Milli went with Jackie leaving Munna alone. Munna expressions in end was perfect for the fear factor of someone else in his love life.


— BollyBusiness



~ by Yakuza on September 10, 2009.

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