Tinsel town is flooded with wanted mania, TV Channels are loaded with wanted trailers, Media is mudded with wanted articles, dialogues are already on the lips of fans, advertisementshave already associated with wanted promotion, even serials are equipped with wanted mystery(CID). Its wanted everywhere.

What all this signs are? can we expect this action thriller opening as par with Ghajini? I can’t recall any salman starrer in this decade who has created such a pre-release buzz. However salman has given some good openers in this decade too in form of partner, Muzhse shaadi karogi, maine pyaar kyon kiya etc. , but NONE of them was having such a hype-hoopla before release.

Why wanted everywhere? Why audience holding their breath for it? Lets find out :

1. After Gadar, we did not get any good and real action thriller. Some akshay kumar movies pretend to be back in action genre, but they fail to enthrall miserably, infact all those were not action movies in real sense. Audience are dying to see Action packed bonanza which had not witnessed after Gadar. And wanted trailers ignite this fire.

2. Wanted trailers are stylish packed with all those punches of action and dialogue which makes their presence on everyone’s lips even before release. Like Ek Baar Jo Isne Commitment Kar Diya… Us Ke Baad To Ye Khud Ki Bhi Nahi Sunta”

3. Salman in new stylish avtaar of contract killer, this is avtaar which salman fans were dying to see.

4. Chreography of songs are really well, however songs are quite okey choreographed superbly by Prabhu deva.

5. Wanted is south blockbuster Pokiri remake, previously ghajini remake has registered record breaking collections. This really raise the bars.

Will this hype-hoopla and mania sustain after release ? Will wanted meet the high level expectations ? All this will be interesting to check. At the moment, all we can say is that Wanted is “Other’s envy – Salman’s pride”.


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 9, 2009.

17 Responses to “WANTED – OTHER’s ENVY – SALMAN’s PRIDE”

  1. wanted will rock i am keeping my fingers crossed

  2. I will be surprised if the movie opens any better than 30 cr..mark my words…..All these mania talk is superficial..without a charbuter music no movie can create a buzz for a good opening. and Wanted surely do not have a decent song…

  3. @Admin, please send me your email id, i want to send you scans of salman interview from magazine which was first published anywhere.Will you please publish those scans here ?

  4. Then how come WANTED -AUDIO is top of the charts.
    No-entry also didnt have chartbusting music.
    plus i feel JALWA and LOVE ME LOVE ME are gr8 and already a rage among the masses

    • maddy, wanted songs quality doesn’t match the standards of WANTED. thats it … staying on top of charts never means good quality. Right now i can see wanted lacking in deprtment only .. i.e. music ..

  5. Yeah Great News

    inshalah WANTED gonna Rocks

    Salman Khan the Best

  6. who cares abt music in an all out action flick? agreed, its not great, but its not bad either.. jalwa, love me, tose pyar are all decent numbers and look good on video.. so i see no problem there.. it will have a weekday holiday (eid), should ensure strong collections if word of mouth spreads.

    • You really need to care when such a big stake turn out to be slow or average start at BO due to not so happening music !!

  7. Number 1 is so true!…Akshay Kumar and his “action” movies! LOL


  8. Lot of stake on this movie for sake of salman career .. lets cross our fingers ..

  9. none of the is choreographed by prabhu deva please change it

  10. Only Jalwa has been choreographed by Prabhu Deva. Get your facts right first!!
    How can the writer be so strong about giving baseless OPINIONS on Wanted not making it big because of the music when the writer has not done proper research!!
    Please research before you start writing and giving wrong impression to the readers.
    And I am sure there has been movies made that did not really have great music (for example, Tare Zameen Per) and has done miraculously amazing….
    I still think songs like Love me and Ishq Vishq are decent…

  11. Nice write up !! You are really talented .. good job !!

  12. a blockbuster movie ever by a legend hero

  13. wanted exact box office collection till now

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