Best trended movies since January, 2006

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Trended well” means, after opening week, Movie holds on collections in subsequent weeks. Generally collections fell around 50% in subsequent weeks which we can say holding fine. Lesser drop will be result in better trending and bigger drop leads to poor trending.

Lets have a look at few very good to outstanding well trended movies since 2006.

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Sr No



End nett

Trending Note

1 Vivah 5 crore 35 crore This movie is Baap of all movies in terms of trending. It opened to mere 5 crore and end up with nett business of 35 crore in span of 35 straight weeks. This was amazing making 7 times than opening week number.
2 Taare zameen par 16 crore 63 crore With mere 16 crore in first week, It ends up with bumper 63 crore in span of 18 weeks. Almost 4 times than opening week is phenomenal considering the genere it belongs to.
3 Chak de india 20 crore 65 crore With 20 crore opening week and 65 crore end gross, it was amazing to see 3.25 times business than opening week in span of 15 weeks.
4 Guru 20 crore 53 crore With opening of 20 crore and end business of phenomenal 53 crore in span of 15 weeks, it was quite well trended movie covering almost 2.65 times than opening week business.
5 Jodha akbar 23 crore 62 crore This movie opens to average response of 23 crores, It ends up with 62 crore nett in span of 15 weeks. Its an examplary scenario by making huge 62 crore ( Almost 2.75 times) than opening week despite the fact that opening was average.
6 Dhoom 2 33 crore 82 crore With bumper Opening of 33 crores, It ends up with 82 crore nett in span of 12 weeks. This was extraordinary by making 2.5 times than opening week despite the fact that opening itself was bumper.
7 Fanaa 22 crore 55 crore With 22 crore opening and 55 crore end nett in span of 15 weeks, it make 2.5 times than opening week.
8 Lage raho munna bhai 32 crore 72 crore This movie opens to excellent 32 crore and end up in making fantastic 74 crore in span of 20 weeks. It makes approx 2.25 times than opening week number. However it trended very well over span of 20 weeks.
9 Golmal 13 crore 30 crore This movie opens to average response of  13 crore and end up in making quite good 30 crore in span of 10 weeks. It makes 2.25 times than opening week number.
10 Ghajini 57 crore 105 crore With super bumper 63 crore in first week(8 days)  and amazing 105 crore in span of 12 weeks is phenomenal. It is quite little less than 2 times of opening week number(If we take first 7 days i.e. 57 crore) despite such a Huge opening week.


From the past, Munna bhai MBBS, Baghbaan, Bunty Aur Bubbly, Kal Ho Na Ho are among those who trended really well and set examples.

* This list excludes 2009 releases.

— BollyBusiness 

~ by Yakuza on September 9, 2009.

17 Responses to “Best trended movies since January, 2006”

  1. Ohh .. this is great theory and diffrent prospective to see the performance of movie .. Great article .. Thanks!! You are really Gem !!

  2. Your own numbers for chak de india dont tally.

    Good article by the way, Thanks.

    • Oops, this is blunder, wondering from where the hell these numbers come? However for some of above movies i picked data from filminformation. As i dont have my set of sample data. Any ways i have corrected, thanks for tracking this error !

  3. Good job.

    BOllybusiness as a Boxoffice enthusiast i am interested to know, where you get your numbers from.

    Thank You.

    • Thanks DOGA, I will make it more transparent in coming days, Right now i can say i concluded my numbers from almost 20% of my own sample data set. FYI, once i was self owned a single screen in haryana.

  4. Bollybusiness,

    Thank you. Well i have a request, i have seen you couple of times on Naachgaana Chat Box. I want to know if you will be interested in becoming a member there.

    You can post links to your topics on threads there, by this way the Naachgaana experience will become more rich and also your blog will find a lot more audiance.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Doga,
      Thanks for this offer !! Well you can take ownership of this blog for posting articles on Naachgana.
      About my membership, what’s the procedure ?
      — bollyBusiness

  5. Thank you Bollybusiness.

    You dont need to give me ownership to post. Just give me freehand to post your articles and links on Naachgaana.(which even you can do)

    As for membership i need your email, and then you can expect an Email from the owner of Naachgaana.

  6. Good post .

    I do not think MunnaBhai opened anywhere close to 32 crore .It was around 20-21 crore and ended around 70 crore making it 3.5 times the initial .

    Also Krrish seems to be missing .It had an amazing trending ..

    • Yes, Krish was very well trended, Will update this post with Krish as well, About LRMB, will investigate numbers again, and come back soon, thanks !!

  7. gadar has one of best ever trending in indian history…it still has so many week records……just n amazing trending to say the least…….gadarmania wont b repeated in future….

  8. this man dont have any knowledge about boxoffice
    gadar first week collection is 7 crore
    and all time collection is 70 crore
    plz go and check ur theory fist

  9. Funny.

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