Upcoming movies – Boxoffice Predictions


If Accepted :

Opening : 28 – 32 Crore
Total : 52 – 60 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 20 – 23 crore
Total : 30 – 34 crore

* Collections may suffer due to clash with DBH, And trending of action movies are generally lower compared to other genere unless it accepted like ghajini or gadar. However wanted has fair chance to be winner.

Dil Bole Hadippa

If Accepted :

Opening : 20 – 25 Crore
Total : 40 – 45 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 15 – 18 crore
Total : 22 – 25 crore

* Collections will suffer due to strong opposition in form of Wanted. However if accepted, will trend better.

Whats Your Rashee

If Accepted :

Opening : 18 – 22 Crore
Total : 35 – 40 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 12 – 16 crore
Total : 18 – 22 crore

* This movie will open slow and trend marginally better if accepted, just like fashion.

Do Knot Disturb

If Accepted :

Opening : 28 – 34 Crore
Total : 55 – 60 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 18 – 20 crore
Total : 24 – 26 crore

* Its opening will be better in any case due to comedy genere with big names associated(David and govinda)

All The Best

If Accepted :

Opening : 30 – 35 Crore
Total : 50 – 55 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 22 – 24 crore
Total : 30 – 32 crore

* Should prove to be another golmal return of 2009. Opening will be huge, but trending will be average.


If Accepted :

Opening : 35 – 42 crore
Total : 65 – 75 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 20 – 25 crore
Total : 25 – 30 crore

* This movie will either be hit or flop, no mid point can settle for such a biggie.


If Accepted :

Opening : 30 – 35 crore
Total : 50 – 60 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 12 – 18 crore
Total : 16 – 20 crore

* Fantasy is genere which didn’t get huge success in past, most are disasters(Drona, LS2050) , some are average success(Alibaba aur 40 chor). This movie too can go either way. If rejected, will be disaster for sure, but even if accepted, it can not go beyond a certain point.

London Dreams

If Accepted :

Opening : 32 – 38 crore
Total : 60 – 70 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 23 – 26 crore
Total : 30 – 34 crore

* Opening should be good because of face value and genere.


If Accepted :

Opening : 28 – 34 crore
Total : 60 – 70 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 18 – 22 crore
Total : 24 – 30 crore

* This movie will be most interesting case to study, either way it shouldn’t flop, atleast average success written all over due to exceptional plot, intresting cast and hype it has created already. If accepted, can go big way in long run.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

If Accepted :

Opening : 22 – 26 crore
Total : 45 – 50 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 12 – 18 crore
Total : 22 – 26 crore

* RKS is back in comedy genre after Andaz apna apna, APKGK should get benefit of AAA reputation and also audience feedback for promos are good(however not great), should get decent initial in range of 20 crores and trend well in subsequent weeks if accepted, which is most likely the case.


If Accepted :

Opening : 14 – 20 crore
Total : 32 – 38 Crore
If Rejected :

Opening : 10 – 15 crore
Total : 18 – 20 crore

* Madhur bhandarkar brand of cinema never opens too big, but always got appreciation with decent business, Fashion was madhur’s biggest hit, Jail belongs to genre which when combined with madhur can never take big opening, movie is probably will settle across 32 crore unless it accepted big way.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on September 8, 2009.

24 Responses to “Upcoming movies – Boxoffice Predictions”

  1. thanks for those, is there any chance you could put up your predictions for MAMK too?

  2. I dont except paa to open more than 20 cr evenif it is accepted…Bacchans cant open a movie. huge.period…

  3. Paa is debatable .. however very impressed and agree on all others ..

  4. Nice !!! Thanks for efforts you put in !!

  5. wth wanted total 60 crore and Do Knot Disturb also 60, are u serious???? Wanted will get atleast 70+ with the latest promos and Do Knot will get like 40-50max

    • Well, these are prediction !! About wanted, it will go beyond 60 crore only if accepted like ghajini as i have written on footnote . DO knot disturb is comedy and most important David + govinda combo .. can easily get initial.

  6. Plz Give Some informetion MAMK Boxoffice prediction.

  7. Bollybusiness.wordpress.com plz write about Main aurr Mrs khanna.

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  9. I think the response for London dreams would be huge because of the star power, the music and above all salman and ajay combination, both of them have give a hit movie recently, it would be the biggest hit of the year, 2009, keeping finger crossed for three idiots, which would give London dreams a competition, LONDON DREAMS A SURE BLOCKBUSTER IN THE BOX OFFICE.

  10. can u please post your predictions for De Dana Dan

  11. Yak..

    your prediction updates required on the upcoming big films such as

    De Dana Dan
    Tum Mile
    ROcket Singh

    Please put in your views…

  12. de dana dana sureshot hit,akshays comeback movie..

  13. the movie which i ll surely watch in multiplex are
    de dana dan
    tum mile

  14. tum mile most awaited superb songs, nice direction
    cool climax,

  15. Blue & LD are off the mark. Blue, entirely rejected will end up with 40+ and LD, which had avg reviews will end up arnd 32 Cr. And Aladin, the less said the better 🙂

  16. Most of predictions went correct, GREAT SIXTH SENSE

  17. What about DE DANA DAN

    ppl would avoid commenting on it, since after recent akshays debacle n so many big budgeted movies coming up n especially APKGK doing extra ordinarily good show by this movie is unlikely……

    but again its akshay who has such a big fan following that ppl made singh is king n welcome such a big hit

    what if the movie dosent get a gud start [like blue n KI] n the movie is half as gud as hera pheri…..intresting situation I would sy…..what say bollybusn/yazuka

    • Promo of DDD don’t give Hera Pheri kinda quality comedy riot, also DDD Promotion and Hype take a back seat at the moment. But Akshay-Katrina- Paresh Rawal loaded with comic guns, is such an assemble cast which can easily catch fency, No wonder if gets bumper opening.

  18. Promo of hera pheri also didnt seems to give the expression what is the quality of the movie…..even the songs were not popular…….neither the trio was expected to give a all time classic movie at that time????

  19. DDD has slightly taken a backseat bcos of ‘Ajab Prem’s unexpected success. Even its music doesn’t seem to have catchy numbers except for ‘Paisa Paisa’. But I’m pretty sure it will turn out to be one hell of a funny movie. I was checking the story-line in indiafm.. it has got plenty of twists and funny characters.. Leave aside the trio.. u also have Rajpal, Chunky, Johny Lever, etc, etc.. its been a while that akshay has acted in a decent movie.. This movie shud turn the tables for him..

    btw, just to make Akki’s fans slightly at ease, check this link.. his movies BO fate depends on the amnt of hair he sports in his movies 😀

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