Amitabh – Rakesh kumar : Most ignored but wonderful pair

Amitabh bachchan in 70’s and 80’s has given most successful movies with Manmohan desai, Prakash mehra, Yash chopra and Hrishikesh mukherjee. However there is one name which is least known, though his success ratio with amitabh is 100%, is Rakesh kumar.

Amitabh and Rakesh kumar has done Four films together. These are Khoon pasina(Super hit), Mr. natwarlal(Super hit), yaraana(SuperHit) and Do aur do panch(Above average). First three were outright Hits while last one was above average, though achieved the status of one of best slap stick con comedies in later years.

Rakesh kumar filmmaking was more like masala entertainers with excellent music. It was more like Manmohan desai style entertainers minus Khoya – paaya formula. All these four movies, though masala entertainer, belongs to different subject/theme.

Khoon pasina(1977) was social entertainer with high on entertainment value boast with excellent music. It was superHit movie at boxoffice with 300% ROI.






Mr. natwarLal(1979) was comic thriller which was rare genere those days. It was electrifying entertainer with superhit music. It was first ever movie in which amitabh sang the song, “Mere paas aao mere doston”.The treatment of this movie was inspired from sholey. some sequences of movie was executed to reflect the tribute to sholey. Hide and seek of Amjad and amitabh is still memorable. It was engaging movie wich achieved the status of superhit with amazing 33 golden and silver jubilees.

Yaraana (1981) was Musical-Drama with good dose of comedy and emotions. It was very well handled movie and only movie in which Amzad khan with positive role opposite amitabh. This angle was opposite to  previous Rakesh-Amitabh starrer mr. natwar Lal. With amazing music by rajesh roshan it was first ever musical superhit for amitabh having rockstar image. Some comic scenes and Music of this movie still remembered for its high production values execution. “Sara zamaana”, “choo kar mere mann ko” and “tere jaisa yaar kahan” are real gems. From boxoffice point of view, It was superhit movie with amazing 5 crores collection and 35+ weeks record holder todate at Natraj(khanna), Suraj(Amritsar), vijay(ambala), shingaar(ludhiana), liberty(delhi), shiela(delhi) are some notworthy names among 17 centers.

Do aur do panch (1980) was out an out slap stick con comedy. However movie was least successful, still manage to achieve above average and some noteworthy performances at Ritz(shimla) – 15 weeks, Sangeet(ludhiana) – 12 weeks, shiela(delhi) – 18 weeks. And above all , with time this movie has achieved the status of one of best con movies till date bollywood has produced.

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~ by Yakuza on September 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Amitabh – Rakesh kumar : Most ignored but wonderful pair”

  1. Yes .. This combo is really ignored .. all were good movies though ..

  2. I liked Yaraana most .. followed by do aur do panch, have not seen khoon pasina .. Mr. natwarlal was also good ..

  3. Again rocking informative post … I am really amazed to know that this pair has 100% success record .. and we never know .. good to bring this in light ..

  4. Do aur Do paanch is outstanding.

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