Anurag kashyap and six actors in RACE for role of DOGA.

DO you know, Anurag kashyap has finalised kunal kapoor for the role of superhero DOGA, initially anurag was confused among six actors for this role, but at the end he agreed on kunal kapoor because he is not bound to any image, which can overshadow DOGA.

Kunal is now days working out on his body. Now have look at cartoons of those five fim actors who were among the race.

SRK As DOGA : This is funny because once Aamir write his pet(DOG) name SRK.

Sunny Deol as doga : I was laughing at this cartoon because his DAD dharamendra has famous dialogue “Kutte kamine main tera khun pi jayunga” and DOGA Love dogs.

Aamir As DOGA :

Akshay kumar As DOGA :

Abhishek as DOGA :

What about dronaAvtaar of anhishek ????

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on August 29, 2009.

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