Legend Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand(Dhanpatrai,1880-1936) is no doubt the best Hindi and Urdu writer whose stories and novels represent the emotions and mentality of true India.His theme of stories and writing skills are unmatched and beyond compare with anybody as his story telling ability was interesting,simple and having words from day to day conversation.

His stories mainly depicted the problems of ordinary peasants and common man such as corruption,communalism,debt,poverty etc in a very simple and effective language.Before Premchand Indian story telling was confined mainly to King-Queen and fantasy sort of stories,it was he who brought the canvas of his stories to the problems of common man and ground realities.
His work was also appreciated in film industry and quite a few movies were made on his stories/novels such as Mazdoor(1934),Seva Sadan(1938),Gaban(1966),Godan(1963), Shantranj Ke Khiladi(1977)“.

Gaurav Gatha publications acknowledged his work by rendering out a comic on him,which is being presented here.His stories can be read online from a blog devoted specially on him,Munshi Premchand blog.



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~ by Yakuza on August 21, 2009.

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