Aladin aur chalees chor – Aladin concept on paper

* An interesting  piece from Sujoy blog

To charge us up, we made ourselves a poster. A visual really helps when you are staring from a gaping blank wall.

That’s my very first poster. It was done by my friend Sucharita who incidentally put all my concepts on paper.   



We then did one more iteration after the first draft was ready. To include ‘Gamal’, the main man who was going to wreck havoc on earth on behalf of the forty thieves.



Incidentally GAMAL was the name of the leader of the thieves in ‘Alibaba and 40 Thieves’ (just in case you wanted to know). 

 It was going to be a modern Aladin. An Aladin of today.  With the coolest of the cool Genie and a villain bigger than anyone seen on screen before.  A modern Aladin with the most beautiful Jasmine.

One of the biggest hurdles was to find a name for the Genie. Any writer will know the hardest part of writing is to come up with names. Suresh Nair, my friend and co writer, found out that the word ‘GENIUS’ is a derivative of the word ‘GENIE’. Problem solved. Our Genie was named ‘Genius’.

The first draft was soon ready. I told the story to Riteish… he was okay but that wasn’t quite the reaction I was expecting. But what does he know?! I was dying to make Mr. Bachchan hear. He instantly agreed. He was scheduled to shoot a Reid and Taylor ad at YRF studios. He asked me come there. Yippe!

I ran with my script. It was an awesome script according to me. I was fully confident … he was going to hear and instantly say ‘YES!’.

– Sujoy

~ by Yakuza on August 6, 2009.

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