Boxoffice report – Luck Opens to average response, Sankat city disaster, kambakht ishq below average.

Luck opens to average house in multiplexes with delhi being 40% in morning shows. Reports are fair and business should escalate on coming days. Should be a good earner.

Jashnn collects around 2.6 crore over first 6 days and first week shouldn’t be more than 3 crore, Disaster.

Shortcut with 7 crore first week  and 2 crore second week (Total 9 crore)  is already a disaster.

Sankat city, morning walk both are silent disasters.

Kambakht ishq third week is extremely poor with only 2.75 crore in hand, second week billing was about 9 crore. With 33.5 crore first week, 9 crore second week and 2.75 crore third week KI is now stands at 45.25 crore.  Below average.



~ by Yakuza on July 24, 2009.

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