Kambakht Ishq – Boxoffice summary – first six days

Kambakht ishq is first well publicized movie after strike is over,  Newyork did very well, but it was surprise Hit, however all eyes were on KI, after failure of two movies CCTC and Tasveer, akshay desperately need a clean hit, and KI was testimony for him.

Reviews: outright negative.

WOM: Mixed, Youngsters liking it while families rejects it.

Opening: KI opens to good response with almost 70%+ all India opening with metros being 80%+ range. Paid previews total nett was 50 lacs approx, First day billing was 8 crore nett. Saturday was at 7  crore and Sunday is 8 crore.   So weekend business with paid preview was 23.5 crore.

Weekdays: with healthy 23.5 crore weekend, KI progressed quite average from Monday onwards and collections fell almost 65% from weekdays which itself was just about average considering huge release ( 1300+ prints). Monday was at 3.75 crore approx, Tuesday stands at 3 crore approx, Wednesday at 2.6 crore approx.

Total billing for first six days : 32.85 crore approx.

First week should be 34+ approx. considering huge release, 34+ crore is not enough.

Verdict: Average opening week.

~ by Yakuza on July 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kambakht Ishq – Boxoffice summary – first six days”

  1. another ass article.. blueekk..come up with some truth

  2. Not so impressive at all. Week story, poor dialogues and boring performances by stream line cast. The moviw over all not worth a “paiso”.

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