Narsimha – Review ****

Narsimha – Review ****

Sunny Deol´s first big release after Ghayal was Narasimha and the film had everything going for it to make it a super hit. Sadly however, Narasimha wasn´t the box office trendsetter that was expected despite the fact the film was a well-made action blockbuster with some pounding performances. Maybe it was the fact that Sunny Deol had the same angry young man routine as Ghayal and there was little variation in his role or the fact that the second half of the movie failed to live up to the first half.

The film revolved around Baapji (Om Puri)-he is the most powerful man in the city and the entire city is under his rule. Whether it´s the police or the government they all bow down to the power of Baapji and those who don´t lose their lives. Baapji´s major strength is Narasimha (Sunny Deol). Narasimha is a good for nothing-young man who fulfills Baapji´s every wish whether it is killing, robbing or terrorizing some one. Narasimha is a deeply wounded lion and has no desire to live. Baapji provides him with his 2 needs-alcohol and food and for that he will do anything. One day an honest police officer (Shafi Inamdar) decides to raise his voice against Baapji and with the help of a witness (Sharat Saxena) hopes to bring him down. But Narasimha kills off the witness and Baapji later kills off the officer. The officers’ daughter (Dimple Kapadia) is also strong-minded like him. Seeing the officers’ family reminds Narasimha of his own family who were killed in a horrific and terrifying riot! The riot brings up a lot of bad memories, but the officer’s family reminds him of his own and causes him to help the family and turn against Baapji! Now Baapji´s most lethal weapon is his most dreaded enemy. To add to the conflict, the officers’ son (Ravi Behl) falls in love with Baapji´s daughter (Urmila) who is unaware of her father’s evil ways. What forms the crux of the movie is how Narasimha brings Baapji´s evil empire to the ground.

The story of the movie is nothing new at all and many other action films in the past have witnessed the same story, but it is the treatment of the story and the performances of the lead actors, which make it notches above the regular actioneer!

Performance wise the film belongs to the three lead players – Sunny Deol, Dimple Kapadia and Om Puri! Sunny Deol plays his role perfectly and though his angry man routine has now become a somewhat clichéd role there is a certain freshness and raw appeal to his angry performance here. Om Puri delivers the best performance in the movie and overshadows the entire cast. His role is over-the-top but Puri with his trademark villainy makes it one hell of a performance! His egotistical portrayal of a man who believes he is god to the city is simply outstanding. Whether it is his dialogue delivery or get-up Om Puri is “aag” in this movie and is in one of his best performances as a villain. Dimple Kapadia does well in her role also. She is outstanding in the first half and makes her presence felt. Her dialogues are hard hitting. Ravi Behl and Urmila fail to make much of an impact and their unnecessary songs get annoying. The rest of the cast does their job accordingly, Shafi Inamdar and Johnny Lever to be noted.

N. Chandra makes an awesome action film after Teezab and the flick is technically top notch.

Direction wise N. Chandra does a pretty good job. He directs the first half with the required punch and his pacing is fast! It is in the second half where he fails with too many unneeded songs and the romance between Ravi and Urmila fails to have any sparks. However, this effort is better than his latter releases like Tejasvini and Shikari!

Music by Laxmikant- Pyarelal is well composed and some of the numbers are hit tracks even though the placing of the songs are irritating and they hinder the film´s pace.

All in all, Narasimha is one great action film with some awesome performances and an excellent first half. The film does have its fair share of flaws with some annoying song placements and a not so impactful second half, but those can be overlooked to an extent. The movie is definitely worth a keep for fans of Sunny Deol, Om Puri or the action genre and worth a dekho for the fine direction by N. Chandra.

~ by Yakuza on May 11, 2009.

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