Our anthom is dream india, RGV anthom is real india.

Well Mr. RGV, It’s easy to criticize creativity which can make solid impact, your controversial creativity gives opportunity to layman to entertain themselves in absence of lack of entertainment(no new releases), you give job to many jobless for few days to protest the creativity which harms nothing but still have sufficient masala to create buzz.

How many citizens know meaning of Jann gann mann, i am sure less than .1%. but RGV goes credit that he raised this percentage to at least 10% within 1 day itself. still he is imposed Ban? Well how one can sure that National anthem gets pampered? RGV wants to show the current status of India and he includes anthem line within his feelings? so he modify/gel his feelings with anthem, not anthem gels with his thoughts. And whatever, do you feel this anthem gets distorted because of RGV? how many of you start singing this song instead of original? I am sure NO one? Our anthem is dream India, RGV anthem is real India. If you don’t want to face the reality then RGV shouldn’t be blamed who is showing the nation its mirror and wish that “is bharat ka kab hoga bhagay widhata?” .. Does his feelings should be banned? NO WAY.

~ by Yakuza on May 8, 2009.

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