Advance and prediction of Aa dekhen zara and Ek – the power of one


Disasterous Quarter one of 2009 ends on two little promising products Ek- the power of one and Aa dekhen zara. Bollywood desperately need hit, will these two movies give some relief at ticket counter?

Lets look at advance first : Advance for both movies are almost nill, some premier multiplexes are at 1 – 3% at best for friday. but do we need to worry looking at these numbers? No, because this is usual advances for most of movies of same standard. Crowd generally come on current shows. Being an action movie prospects of Ek – the power of one is more bright at single screens, while Aa dekhen zara should be better at multiplexes.

Predictions : Released at around 700 screens each, both movies has full capacity of 30+ crore week, and even with 40% average occupency, both can collect 12+ crore in first week which is good looking at scale and budget of movie.

With good reports first week collections should be around 12 – 14 cr+(first week)  and 22 – 25 cr+ on complete run, else with poor reports collections will be as low as 5 cr. +(first week) and total collections would be anywhere between 5 – 8 cr.


~ by Yakuza on March 26, 2009.

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