Adhoore sapnay : DUS – Mukul s. anand’s dream

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Wednesday, 11th March 2009 10:00 IST

India’s finest and technically brilliant director Mukul S. Anand’s unfulfilled dream DUS trashed after his unfortunate demise in 1997.

It was supposed to be a great cinema built around a contemporary theme. It is thought- provoking highly dynamic action packed visionary entertaining cinema. Ever since his passing away on the 7th September 1997 there is  dreamt of a director who would finish this film which is highly significant, in keeping with the times cinema.
Mukul had finished 40 percent of his film and its climax before he passed away. We are presenting here some shots and clips from movie. From these shots and video we can guess how brilliant and prestigious this project was. We wish this movie to be completed by equally talented director very soon and to be seen by indian audience.

kash ye adhoora sapna poora ho.




DUS was starring Sanjay dutt, Salman khan, Shilpa shetty.

~ by Yakuza on March 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Adhoore sapnay : DUS – Mukul s. anand’s dream”

  1. Please bring some more .. i know you have many articles unposted .. put one more in this category …

  2. nice to revisit this .. pls include this scene and others in the post also

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