What gets wrong with Delhi 6 ?

Monday 10th March 2009 10.00 IST

Delhi 6 was most awaited movie of 2009, Expectations was huge after unforgettable cult Rang de basanti by ROM. There is no two opinion that ROM is technically brilliant. His first movie AKS was much ahead of its time. With RDB ROM get it right with excellent screenplay apart from technical brilliance. Rang de basanti not simply liked by audience but also moved the nation. RDB became national anthem, and Protesting with candle lights in hand came in fashion for every subsequent event after RDB. Jessica lal case would have been biten dust without RDB, RDB was powerfull enough for creating history, move nation and make strong impact nationwide.

Obviously after such a delightful, youthful and energetic experience audience was expecting same miracle and spark from ROM. Music of delhi 6 was already a wave. Everything seemed to be perfect. We were sure of delhi 6 to be Hit at least, even with worst conditions.

The big day was 20th February. Delhi 6 released at around 980 prints. Friday was quite tough day for movie as it did not get proper release due to multiplex revenue sharing issue. Well anyhow movie released and opens to almost at all multiplexes. opening was average, 55% on day one. No problem with occupancy rate, main problem was WOM. It was 100% mixed. 40% dont like, 20% liked it very much, 40% says its ok, nothing great. Well WOM was not bad, 60% positive. Why negative views ? simple, because movie was well intentional message oriented, well made, faulty movie. quite confused with this statement ? This was exactly with movie, it was good, not great.

Still with mixed WOM many movies succeed in past. But final nail on head was some well known critics desperate to downplay it. Publishing FLOP note on day one itself on a public document is clear case of desperate and personal vendetta and unprofessional behavior.

Does negative reviews and publicity really dent the prospects of movie? Answer is “It can be and always depends”, if movie is strong enough and liked by large audience, it come out as winner for example “Dev D”. If movie is bad enough and disliked by large audience then even postive reviews doesn’t help for example “Eklavya”.

But real problem is for average movies which get mixed response from audience, Negative reviews and bad publicity really makes an impact for average movies .

And delhi 6 is one of them, delhi 6 with its tough screenplay always need support from media. but negativity from some well known critics coupled with mixed response from audience dent its business.

Interestingly these well known critics always pretend to be worried about flops of bollywood and at the same time makes no stone unturn to dent the business of movie which is not liked by them. Such a Hypocrites.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on March 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “What gets wrong with Delhi 6 ?”

  1. its all happen due to negative reviews movie was good enough to be hit

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