13B and Dhoondte Rah Jaoge opens Poorly

13B and Dhoondte Rah Jaoge opens Poorly

Friday 6th March 2009

BollyBusiness news network

As expected 13B and Dhoondte Rah Jaoge opens to Poor houses all over. Morning and afternoon shows were in the range of 15 to 30% and at some places as low as 5%. Both picks up in the evening with 40% highest capacity recorded at some premier multiplexes of Delhi and Gurgaon. Both movies are getting average response from audience and had very dismal chance to stay afloat. However a normal pickup in the business may be seen on Saturday and Sunday. First day figures will be available by tomorrow evening.

However surprisingly 13B has some little edge over DRJ in terms of occupancy, but number of screens are higher for DRJ.

Delhi 6 in 2nd week crash to almost 67% and opening of Third week is steady on lower side at multiplexes of metros, however interiors are washout except some centres of Punjab.

Meanwhile DevD in its Fifth week opens to steady response and shows are increased for DevD at some multiplexes. 3C cinemas at delhi rescreening the movie after not so happening shows of Delhi 6. After 4 weeks DevD stands at 14.5 Crore approx. and is winning proposition for most of investors.

Slumdog Millionaire(both hindi and english versions) in its sixth week has done good business of around 80 lakhs and has done around 15.5 Crores in 6 weeks. Movie gains momentum after winning oscar awards and 6th week weekdays business was better then weekends. 7th week should be steady.




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